Cinderella (2015)

Disclaimer: I select the majority of movies I watch based off the title and the image, rarely reading the synopsis. Though this has sometimes proven painful, it has also led me to some amazing gems of cinematography. These reviews are my personal opinion and does not reflection anyone else’s or companies’. You are more than welcome to disagree with me and like or dislike a movie according to your personal values and thoughts. By all means make your own judgment! This review is based on of my own rating system. The opinions of this movie may or may not have been influences by adult beverages. Of all disclaimers the following is the most important: This review may contain spoilers. That is your warning. I will begin all potential spoilers with “SPOILER” and end it with “SPOILER OVER”. Please continue reading at your own risk. Or enjoyment!
 photo cinderella-2015-movie-posters-photos01_zps7dfamedb.jpgReviewed: 3/2015

Genre: Disney. Drama. Family. Fantasy.

Cinderella is a Disney classic! And we all know the story.  This re-telling of the classic story honors the things about the 1950s version that made it a timeless classic!  And expands on the little details of the plot so it makes more sense.  It demonstrates the differences between story telling 65 years ago and today.

One of my favorite things about this re-telling is we actually meet Cinderella’s mother and father.  The audience gets to see the wonderful people they are and how the family loved each other.  This makes their loss more tragic.  It also makes Cinderella’s dedication to their memory more touching and tragic.  Why else would she stay in such an abusive house?  A question that always haunted me as a child watching this fairy tale. I am releived to say that this question finally gets answered!

This telling of Cinderella also addressed the Disney love story issue about a girl marrying someone she hardly known.  Yes, she still hardly knows the prince when they get married, but the two charters interact more showing that their love is based off more than looks, a.k.a. superficiality.  We see the prince is attracted and inspired by Cinderella’s kindness.  A trait encouraged by her mother and father.  “Be brave. Be kind.”

Though there are sad aspects of this tale, the comedy is brilliantly timed and executed.   photo 95873324b19cac94_step_family-xxxlarge_2x_zpscyxkvaae.jpgI love the interaction between Lucifer and the mice!  One of those classic aspects of the originally movie that was carried over to this one.  I also love the writers gave reasoning to Cinderella’s friendship with all animals.  The interactions between the step-sisters, Anastasia and Drizella, also provides comic relief.  Their wardrobe plays a part into this as well.  Highly fashionable and cheesy with the fabric prints.

Which brings me to my next topic, something touched upon throughout this blog but something I want to make clear.  This telling shows more depth of the characters than the 1950s version making you feel for the characters and understand their motivations more.  I love how this enriched the plot!

I only have two complaints (and these are the only reason this movie didn’t get the full 5 star rating by me): First, I would have liked to hear more of the original music. Especially at the ball.  Second, Lily James’, who played Cinderella, airy voice started to annoy me by the end.  Something that may not bother some of you but it did me.

The costumes are amazing!  The textures, the colors, the modern influences mixed with the time periods style!  I am sure conventions will soon be over-run with ball gowns as cosplayers and costumes try to achieve the breath-taking details!  The images in this blog were specially picked to show you a variety of the amazing costumes!  As a costumer I want to know photo imagesCAAIS04I_zps5cwd4ajo.jpg how they achieved the sparkle in the blue dress as she ran out of the palace!  If it was pure CGI I will be sad!  I need this secret for photo shoots!

Will I buy this on DVD or Blue-Ray? Hell, yes!!

Is this a drinking movie? No!  Enjoy this tale as it is!

Rated: PG

Duration: 105 minutes

IMDB: Rated 7.8 out of 10 starts, as of 3/17/15.

Currently in theaters.  Not available on Netflix or Amazon.

Mala’s Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars.


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