Steampunk Star Wars Crossovers Episode 1

This week I am taking a small break from Hero Behind the Mask and sharing some steampunk awesome with you!  I hope you find some steampunk inspiration from this week’s blog! Because that is why I will regularily be posting Steampunk Crossovers!  To inspire!  So if you have one you want to show me email it to me at  You never know you might end up in one of the features!   –Mala

 photo steamy leia_zpsg9v5xm8w.jpg

Slave Leia by Steamy Leia Cosplay. Photo courtesy of Manny Llanura Photography.

Steamy Leia did amazing with this outfit! I love the color of the corset she chose!  The hair piece has a unique flare but still maintains a recognizablility (I think I just made up a word)!  Not to mention her hair is the correct style from Return of the Jedi.  I love that the googles match the green in the bikini top! So much win right here!

Here is a father son duo sporting some steampunk Star Wars awesome! This is one of my favorite Lando Calrissian outfits. Could be that Return of the Jedi is my favorite episode but more people need to do this costume!  Steampunk or cannon!

 photo chewie_zps7th80ghk.jpg

Chewie by Steampunk Chewbacca. Photo by Trevor Good.

All the costumes in this photo are great! Look at the detail in the Rebel pilot flight suit!!! And Chewie’s crossbow is amazing!  I especially love the monocle Chewie is wearing!  Check out my thoughts on Han later in this blog.

 photo c3po_zpse5ibhkfb.jpg

C3PO by Steam 3PO. Photo by Comic Con Tips.

Then there is this classy cyborg sporting a top hat!  I have actually seen this costume in person and the picture doesn’t do it justice!  My favorite aspect of this is the Rebel symbol used on the top hat.  So much creativity!

 photo boba by JOhn_zpshbzdusm9.jpg

The name says it all! Steampunk Boba Fett

Who can forget this guy!  Any Mando needs a lot of detail and this one has it all!  All successful steampunk outfits I have seen are all about the details!  Though the picture doesn’t show it Steampunk Boba Fett wears a kilt to complete this bad ass costume!   Sadly I missed his panel at Steamfest 2014 about Steampunk and Star Wars but I hear it was amazing!

I already spoke about this Chewie so now lets look at the detail in this Steampunk Han Solo.  I love the details in the gun and of course Han’s holster is a must!  One of my favorite aspects of this costume is the use of leather details.  From the gun holster to the suspenders to the shoulder piece.

 photo 1599711_620917881350968_6741171476634262144_o_zpshpaihtxj.jpg

Steampunk Slave Leia by Bonnie Elizabeth Scott

The bustle in this Steampunk Slave Leia is gorgeous!!  This Leia is very different than the first one in this blog, but equally as stunning.  The colors Bonnie chose are perfect.  This one has a perfect balance of originality and recognizable key aspects of the original costume design.  Something important to any successful crossover.

 photo jabba_zpswhllxqny.jpg

Danny Ashby of Outland Armour made this great Steampunk Jabba

Jabba is one character I questioned could be steampunked but I was shown wrong by Danny of Outland Armour!  The use of color is a key element to the success of this piece.  The make up is another great aspect.

Darth Maul is one of the best villains ever and I hate how quickly he was taken out of the movies.  I have a feeling that Baron Von Maul would have had better luck than Darth Maul did against Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.  Especially with the dapper look of this vest and pocket watch.  The mask is a fantastic touch of originality and a whole lot easier than painting one’s face.   And the color used for the lightsaber hilts screams steampunk.

 photo steampunk captain_zpsj8bi79ro.jpg

Captain “Solo” Seekerman Photo by ModelMosa.

Here is another great Han Solo! I am a huge fan of dieselpunk and I love the influences of that style in this costume. Not to mention the great wings and use of the Rebel symbol.  Just like the different Slave Leias the Han Solos also show different levels of creativity and how awesome and unique steampunk crossovers can be.

 photo vader_zpsw9qwr2y7.jpg

Steampunk Vader Photo by Murdock Scott

No Steampunk Star Wars crossover would be complete without Vader! This costume also has some great dieselpunk elements too. And makes perfect since with Vader’s ranking in the empire.  The details of the helmet make this costume in my opinion!  I love the visor is made from goggles and the brass elements.

I hope you are inspired to make your own steammpunk crossovers after this blog.  Stay tuned for other blogs like this one that are in the works!

If you want more Star Wars and Steampunk in your life you should check out these two Facebook pages!

Star Wars Steampunk Realm  and Star Wars Steampunk Universe!

If you have a crossover steampunk outfit you want to see featured please email me at Please include the photo, your Facebook or website, and photographer credits.

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