Steampunk Marvel Crossovers (X-men)

X-men is one of my all time favorite comics so I very excited to share this feature with you.  I love to seeing collaborative projects too!  Make sure to check out all the talented people involved in this amazing project.   I really can’t say enough about these detail in each of these costumes. If you know X-men you will appreciate how the design is balanced with the character design and the originality of each piece. I have been debating about how to write up this feature but seriously there is way too much to say!  Instead of me saying how epic these are I hope you can find the elements in each piece that you appreciate for your own reasons.  – Mala

The costumes were made by Maise Designs Seamstress and designed by Art of Jen Broomall.
Photos by Grant Brummett

 photo xmen group_zps4m0sr7uu.jpg

In order left to right:
Rogue: Itty Bitty Geek
Psylocke: Natalie Arvizu Cosplay
Jean Grey: Sirenita Cosplay
Storm: CupcakeNinjaCosplay
X-23: Krash Cosplay 
Magik: Empire Kat Cosplay

 photo 11356174_1590504447865037_93494589_n_zps9mwtdo8f.jpg
Rogue: Itty Bitty Geek
 photo 11418395_1611979595714679_1880024297_n_zpscuyqoutp.jpg
Psylocke: Natalie Arvizu Cosplay
 photo 11287372_1590504424531706_1324182689_n_zpssgrl49ts.jpg
Jean Grey: Sirenita Cosplay
 photo 11129859_1590504444531704_1477168595_n_zps3elx390b.jpg
Storm: CupcakeNinjaCosplay
 photo 11124761_1590504454531703_913965626_n_zpskyvtwjwk.jpg
X-23: Krash Cosplay 

They also won a photo contest from Phoenix Comic Con!  Congrats ladies!

I hope that these costumes inspire you in your own steampunk designs!

If you have a crossover steampunk outfit you want to see featured please email me at Please include the photo, your Facebook or website, and photographer credits. I want to thank those who have reached out to me already!  It is so fun to see what you have done and how you did it!

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