The Nun (2005)

 photo thenun_zpsfnc80fl1.jpgThe Nun (2005)  La monja (original title)

Genre: Horror, Thriller

This movie had a lot of potential and in some ways it achieved but it in others, not so much.

I was very disappointed with the character design of the dead nun killing everyone.   She looked too cartoonish for my personal taste.   I was also disappointed with how the nun used water to move around, it seems a little to far fetched in my opinion but I understand the purpose as a plot point.

There were excellent suspenseful points throughout the movie as the reason why a nun is killing people all over the world is revealed.  However, the ultimate reason why the characters are in this predicament was a let down.  The writer could have been a little more original or at least more original as to why so many people were involved in the secret hidden in the movie plot.

This movie did have a great variety of how people die and the gore was done very well.  Always a plus in horror movies!!

Is this a drinking movie:  You could make it a drinking game with how much water is used in this movie or you watch it sober.  If I were to watch it again I would choose to make it a drinking game.

Rated: R

Duration: 102 minutes

IMDB: 4 out of 10 as of 9/25/15

Amazon Prime: 2.6 out of 5 as of 9/25/15.  Available for membership streaming or rental

Mala’s Review: 2 out of 5 stars

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