Monster High: The Great Scarrier Reef (2016, video)

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Reviewed: 4/2016

Genre: Animation, Family, Monster High

Monster High is my guilty pleasure. Such a guilty pleasure I have over 100 of the dolls. I have seen every episode and every movie. So I decided it’s time I review one of the movies! In fact I am going to work on reviewing each movie and ranking them in the order that I like them from best to worst. So why not the most recent 2016 release that came in the mail this week for the first one I review! Just as a heads up this will be a very biased review because these series simply makes me happy.

A quick synopsis can be read here is you want it.

With most kids movies there is a morale to the story and this series is no different.  What I got from this movie is you can’t run from your fears or problems. They will follow you. It’s better to face them. Another lesson is that things may not always be as they appear. And of course the constant theme with around this show that it is okay to be different and to embrace those differences!

Some of the things that I loved about this movie?  There are several! First, I love the ocean and this movie focuses on this underwater world. I am sure the name gave it away but just clarifying. 😉 This movie pulled references from sea gods, mermaids, and the awe inspiring kraken! Release the kraken!

Second, we finally get to meet Lagoona Blue‘s family and see where she came from. It is hard for me to decide which character is my absolute favorite Lagoona is a high contender for number one. There are aspect of most characters that I can relate to. (In case you are wondering I also love Abbey Bominable, Frankie Stein, and Ghoulia Yelps. I cannot decide who is the best character!)

Third, I adore the bright colors and the use of actual knowledge of sea creatures in the new designs. This is one appeal and something I respect in regard to the creators and designers of this show. Everything is so well researched and used with clear purpose! For instance Toralei, a werecat, is changed into a mermaid form based around the lion fish. Not only fitting for her personally but also the monster type she is. Another great design was Frankie, the daughter of Frankenstein, being designed around the electric eel. Every character was well matched to the sea creatures that influenced their design in this movie!

Fourth, I feel ashamed for admitting this but I really enjoyed the music from this movie. I usually like metal, rock, industrial, and punk. I even enjoy classical and opera on occasion. These are completely different than the music in Monster High but the beats from the songs in this movie make me smile and really make me want to get up and dance. I think that one reason I really enjoy the music is it takes me back to when I was training to be a derby girl and the music that played in the rink were I practiced.

The only thing that I don’t fully understand is why Lagoona Blue, daughter of the sea monster, had to be turned into a mermaid. I understand why the other character had to be transformed but not her. She is a sea creature that can breath under water. She also ended up in her home town. But it is a kids movie so you can’t nitpick the plot too much.

Favorite new character: Posea Reef daughter of Poseidon

Other new characters for this movie: Pearl and Peri Serpentine daughters of The Hydra and Kala Mer’ri

Rated: Not rated

Duration: 71 minutes

Mala’s Rating: 5 0ut of 5

IMBD: As of 4/2/16 rated 5.8 out of 10

Amazon: As of 4/2/16 rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, available for purchase or rental

Netflix: Not available at time of review


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