Psylocke (90’s style): The Cosplay Struggle Is Real!

 photo IMG_0435_zpseqmcfvlm.jpg
Pylocke may be one of the simplest costumes I own but it was one of the most frustrating ones to make happen! It’s the only costume that didn’t succeed on the first or second go around.

Attempt one was ordered from a cosplay site based out of China. This was the first and last time I ordered a full costume from China. Despite ordering a “custom” made costume the leotard didn’t fit right. And since it was “custom” to my measurements this was none returnable. The leotard gave me the worse wedgie in the world and left nothing to the imagination. Not that spandex leaves anything to the imagination to begin with but I wanted this costume for charity events involving children. Not a good match for me. This was converted into Supergirl since I could wear shorts under it to prevent the wedgie from hell this way.
 photo IMG_0304 1_zpsucu2z1zw.jpg
Attempt number two. I had never made a leotard so I found one online that was the perfect shade and style! I was so excited!!! But color matching to the blue for the gloves, arm bands, and leg bands was so difficult! I couldn’t find anything that looked right. Lucky me though! The zipper of the leotard broke, there went my second attempt. You may ask why not just order another one? Simple, I also orders the same leotard in black for Mrs. Marvel and had the same thing happen to two of those leotards. Not worth wasting my money on a forth that was just going to break! And I loved the style so I wasn’t going to compromise on that!  I wanted a sleeveless turtle neck leotard to be Psylocke!
 photo IMG_0345lightning_zpsngy8oxrs.jpg
Third attempt. I wasn’t going to let the dead leotard go to waste at this point. I dissected the garment to see how leotards were constructed. That was intimidating with all the added elastic in the leg and arm holds. Stretch material with more difficult aspects of stretchy? Of course, I can find way around this! And this dissected nightmare became my pattern. Back to the fabric store I went and found the perfect blue. Sad thing, I didn’t realize how important 4 way stretch material was until I made the garment. It look fabulous! I was so pleased with myself. Until I tried putting it on. The 2 way stretch material wouldn’t allow the carefully constructed leotard over my hips. I also didn’t know at the time I made this that one of the recommendations for stretch material being sown on a regular sewing machine is to use a zig zag stitch for the seems. This gives the garment wiggle room to put on or take off. Because I am self taught I made tons of stupid mistakes. Like this one. Had I just researched a little more on YouTube I would have learned this. Facepalm!
 photo IMG_0245 1_zpsprnotaqe.jpg
Fourth attempt: Now I feel like the worst cosplayer ever! And all I want to be is Psylocke! So I started really watching YouTube videos. And I give up on making this. It’s the first costume I try to commission. But guess what no one cared much about this character back in 2013/2014 so no one is selling this costume. I approach a few people I know but they didn’t work with spandex because they hated it or they only made kids costumes. Finally I find someone one Etsy! The world is no longer coming to an end! I WILL be Paylocke! I order the costume, I wait and wait and wait. Finally, I get the email that my order has shipped but guess what never shows up. The costume that I have been dying to have! When I ask about the tracking number I am told there isn’t one but it was shipped via USPS so I should wait another week or so and go directly to my local USPS branch and ask them to look in the back. Um, okay?!? I did this and was told they wouldn’t lol without a tracking number showing it was there. At this point of time every USPS package comes with a tracking number and if you need one its like a dollar or two, well worth it for a $150 commission in my opinion. I have done several commissions and no matter the cost I always supply a tracking number. Even for prints I have shipped out! I won’t go into further details of that whole ordeal but I did get my money back. This is one reason I only commission if I have no choice.
 photo IMG_0417_zpsnxkzpnqq.jpg
FIFTH ATTEMPT: I spend weeks researching sewing spandex and testing techniques on scraps. Then I attempt a pair of spandex pants since this would be easier than a leotard. At least in my opinion. After this practice I finally feel like I can make the leotard. And I am finally successful! The only issue is the arm and leg bands moved and has to be adjusted constantly. Since I wear this costume with a body suit to protect the infusion set of my insulin pump I sewed the bands and the top of the gloves to the suit to keep them in place.

Since I have never been a fan of boot covers I used automotive leather paint to color a pair of boots blue. I loved them but the boots have had their own issues. Luckily I bought a few pairs of these boots, intending to paint them different colors but never got around to it to it. The zipper broke and I had to paint a second pair.

This costume is sadly in retirement because of the boot zipper breaking again. It happened when I was getting dress for a photo shoot. But I got the photos thanks to duct tape! After this whole ordeal I had to get good pictures document the costume!
 photo IMG_0425_zpshhwefcgr.jpg
I guess you can sum this whole blog up to if you want to make it happen you can!!! Don’t give up on a costume when there are too many bumps in the journey! You will learn a ton through the process! Now I am a spandex champ but still avoid it if possible lol! I have had so many good memories in this costume and I can say I wore it to two cons, in different states, and was unique! Many people stopped me saying they had never seen a Psylocke at a con and they loved the originality of my character selection! It was very flattering!

So keep on keeping on and make your cosplay dream come true!

All photos by Snap It! Photography

Check out my other cosplays and costumes on my resume by clicking here. If you have already checked out my resume you may notice no new listings for 2017. This is because I have been joyfully creating art for my new business! Check it out on my Facebook, Intsagram, Redbubble, and StorEnvy sites!

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