C3PO tutu: These are the droids you are looking for. Part 2

After doing R2Dtutu it’s only natural that I did C3PO too! However, I haven’t come up with a clever name for this costume. I am open to recommendation if you have any.

This costume wasn’t too hard to make. Just time consuming with the layers in the dress/tutu and the lining at the bottom. I will admit I cheated a little and folded the material in half since it worked with my concept which means I only had to pleat half of the layers in this thing! If you can do this with your own creation I recommend doing it. There are 8 layers of material in the skirt alone. For those of you who have pleated before you know first hand that just doing four layers of pleats takes a lot of time. I wanted something a little unique and I love bustles so I added this to the costume, why not bustles are great! This can be worn with or without the bustle too. And I hope to use the bustle in steampunk designs. I am all about re-purposing and multiple uses with my costumes!

I really thought about using gold tights but finally decided on the white for two reasons. First, I couldn’t find a gold color that worked well with the shades of gold already used in the costume. Everything was too mustard colored not gold. Second, after further thought and evaluation of my design it was too much gold with the gloves. And the gloves were a must. It feels incomplete without them. Besides it makes the slippers I found for this outfit stand out more.

I must say I got lucky with this pair of shoes! They were on clearance for $3 and they were the last ones in my size! Cosplay win right there! If you are a cosplayer you know that shoes and wigs tend to be one of the higher prices itemsfor any costume. And sometimes the most difficult! Eventually I would like to upgrade the shoes to actual pointe shoes like I use with R2Dtutu but these shoes are not cheap, you have to break them in before you can wear them, they are very uncomfortable for walking at a con, and the amount of paint needed to paint them is surprisingly a lot because it just absorbs the paint, at least that is what I experience with R2’s blue pointe shoes. Not sure if other paints or brands interact differently with the material.

I chose not to use a wig for the same reason as the tights. Too much gold. Even though a gold wig would be amazing to own.

With the open neck of the corset and planning on wearing my hair in a bun I felt that this needed a necklace to break up the amount of skin from my neck, shoulder, chest, and back. And C3PO also has details there that I felt were important to represent to increase the recognizability of the character. It took months to find the right necklace. I spent hours on various websites and looking through stores in my local area. I finally found this necklace on vacation of all places!

The most difficult part to make in this costume was the stomach piece. It took two attempts because the materials in my first attempt just didn’t look right. Total failure! I decided to make it out of foam on the second go around. It’s my first successful attempt at foam work. It could have been better, and I may remake it in the future, but for now it’s perfectly fine! I used two layers of foam and fabric fluff paint for some of the details. And of course several layers of plastidip to strengthen the foam and allow paint to adhere to it. I found some amazing gold and yellow elastic at JoAnns to make this into a belt concept. It perfectly ties in the yellow panels in the corset.

The black band around the middle is made of spandex material and cording to mimic the wires. This is a piece of the costume that will need to be redone eventually when I figure out a better war to do it. The band did not hold up well as I se

wed the cording in place and it over stretched in some spots. This means it does not stay up on its own as originally intended.

Oh, the corset, I think I spent more than six months looking for that thing! I wasn’t sure about the yellow at first but with the whole thing together I am glad I went with it. Again, it breaks up the gold a little. My reoccurring them for this costume is it was too much of one color with my original concept, have you noticed?

My only issue with this costume is that I feel so pretty and awesome (***sings part of West Side Story to self**) that it’s difficult to invoke the C3PO
personality. He is so serious sometimes but I just want to play in it! Like R2, this is fine with his playful and amazing attitude but not so much for C3PO.

Now that this done and the newer Star Wars contented had introduced us to BB-8 and Chopper I plan on making tutus for these characters as well! Plus Rebels is introducing more droids! The bane of being a cosplayer, too many costumes and not enough time, money, or places to wear them all.

Check out my other cosplays and costumes on my resume by clicking here. If you have already checked out my resume you may notice no new listings for 2017. This is because I have been joyfully creating art for my new business! Check it out on my Facebook, Intsagram, Redbubble, and StorEnvy sites!

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