Animaniacs (TV series 1993-1998)

653345-animaniacs1Animaniacs (TV series 1993-1998)

Genre: Animation. Comedy. Family. Musical. TV series.

OMG! I loved this show as a kid and it recently came out on Netflix so of course I have to watch it! I can’t wait for the Pinky and the Brain episodes! Over all this show holds up to my childhood memories which is not common from other 80’s and 90’s shows. For an overview their intro and theme does a great job so feel free to watch/listen here. If this show is ever it removed from Netflix you can find it on YouTube! This is where I have got my Animaniacs fix before.

This kids series is well written and I feel high intelligent with the dialogue, cameos, and story telling. Not to mention the content! I mean who would have thought about trying to selling Eisenstein kid scout cookies while he working on his theory of relativity! Or poking fun at life on the Warner Studios back lot. And who can forget the Wheel of Morality that determines the lesson for each episode!  You can find a variety of these on YouTube. Or Colin! Even though he is designed as a filler his content is well written and voiced! I enjoy each and ever story he has to tell about Randy Beaman! Like this one! Or this one!”K, bye.” There are too many great ones to chose from! You can look through YouTube to see the random stories Colin has to tell. And who can forget Dot’s Poetry Corner. I was able to find a compilation of this segment.

The creativity and the scope of most kids shows do not reach this level today! The background music is very iconic to childhood classics.  At least to my childhood! If this blog is still up in 15 years I am sure the following generations will disagree with me about the music but my generation will agree. And most episodes have fun new songs, again cleverly written!

I know many people who agree with the sentiment and missing of the Looney Toon brand of cartoons. For the older generations this series is like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, the Road Runner, etc. for my children of the late 80’s and 90’s.

Mala’s Rating: 5 out of 5

Volume 1 Highlights (1993-1994). This list will focus on Episodes 1-10 since I have to include the introduction of each amazing regular character in the highlights. Also, each episode varies in how many shorts are included within it. Not to mention there are over 50 episodes in Volume 1. This a long list that will be broken up into smaller sections as I watch the episodes from the beginning. A complete list of Episodes can be seen here in case I don’t highlight you favorite episode and you want to track it down to watch! If I can find just a link to the highlight I have included but for the most part I was able to find links to the full episode not the shorts.

V1:E1 De-Zanitized. The episode that started it all. We learn just how zany the Warner brothers and their sister Dot is while they are psychoanalyzed. This is where we get the iconic phrase Heeellllooooo, Nurse!

V1:E1 Nighty Night Toon is a great retelling of the childhood classic Goodnight Moon. And a great way to introduce a lot of the on going characters from this show! It might be the nostalgia and fond memories of this show coming back but this is a great short! Plus the narrator sounds like the old school Winnie the Pooh! Nighty Night Wako’s underwear!

V1:E2 Yakko’s World. Though this show has its stupid moments it can also be educational like Yakko’s song naming all the countries! I know people who can sing this decades after this show aired on tv!

V1:E2:Win Big. PINKY AND THE BRAIN that is all I can say! Nearly everyone in my generation knows these characters, the opening song, their interactions, and catch phrases! This is the episode that begun it all with these crazy characters. They were so successful that they earned their own spin off series! The premise of these characters is that Pinky and the Brain are lab mice, often referred to as rats. Brain tries each night to take over the world! His plans always backfire but that doesn’t keep him from trying. Pinky has to be one of the most quoted characters in this series. And here is why!

V1:E3 HMS Yakko. Because double pegged leg pirate captain of awesome! And this song Cartoon Individuals. Another song that I know people who can still sing to this day.

V1:E3 Slappy Goes Walnuts. This is the first episode focusing on Slappy the Squirrel. This is an iconic episode in my opinion.

V1:E4 Goodfeathers: The Beginning. This is the introduction to ongoing characters Squit, Pesto, and Bobby. Also known as the Goodfeathers. Pigeon who act like the classic movie Godfather. The movie Goodfellas is also sited as inspiration to this episode. This is another episode that stands out in childhood memories. They are not my personal favorite ongoing characters so they may not be included in the highlights very much but their first episode at least deserves a notation on this list!

V1:E6 Operation: Lollipop. This is when we get to meet Mindy and Buttons! “Thank you lady. I love you. Bye bye.”I had totally forgot about these characters until this came on! But the catch phrases are still in me brain! I just forgot where they originated form. The dynamic of these characters is simple. Mindy gets herself into not so good situations and her dog Buttons tries to keep her safe. In this episode she is chasing her lollipop all over town while Buttons does everything he can to keep her safe.

V1:E6 What Are We? This is an excellent question! What are Wakko, Yakoo, and Dot? I love any show that pokes fun at it’s self!  Check out the song written around this question.

V1:E7 When Rita Met Runt. This is the introduction to Rita and Runt. This episode touches on a social issue that many are passionate about regarding treatment of animals and the use of animal shelters. Rita is voiced by Bernadette Peters, one of my all time favorite actresses and stage performers. This episode is slightly sad, not going to lie but is still good. Their dynamic is that Rita is an  independent cat and Runt is a stupid dog who meet in an animal shelter.  They end up breaking out of the shelter and journey together to find a real home.

V1:E8: Bumbie’s Mom. This episode brings back so many memories. And it totally borders on copy write infringement with Disney’s Bambi but the content of this episode highlights why I don’t think Bambi was meant for children. I recall my siblings and I being traumatized by this movie! Its all happy then the mother is killed! I still get teary eyed as an adult when the mother is killed. And the fire was pretty scary as well when I was a child. In this episode Slappy the Squirrel takes her nephew Skippy to see Bumbie in theaters and he is traumatized by Bumbie’s mother’s death. Slappy spends the rest of the episode trying to show Skippy that it was an actress and she didn’t die.

V1:E9: Where Rodents Dare. Another Pinky and the Brain episode! Filled with the perfect banter of these two friends as Brain attempts to take over the world again by freezing the world leaders at a peace conference. The music in this episode holds true to the traditional Looney Tunes playing off the movements of the characters.

So go watch Animaniacs! Especially if my links above have brought back memories or got you hooked for the first time.  “Gooooooodbye, nurse!”

Volume 1 Episode 11-35 can be found here.

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