Batkid Begins (2015)


I am very excited about this blog. And because of my excitement I am not going to rate this documentary. It is too great in my opinion. This is the first blog that my passions (the various aspects of my blog) get to merge! My family can attest to my passion for movies. They can also attest for my love of costumes. And the joy I have gotten for using my hobby to make a positive impact on my community. Just recalling the few confirmed moments that I made a difference in someone’s life makes me happy.

I remember when the story this documentary is about went viral. This documentary shows the journey taken to make a child’s dream of becoming Batman for a day come true. This is why I CAUSEplay! To make someone smile. To make a difference in that persons life. You may not think that running around in costume can make a difference but in the eyes of a child it can. Some children are too sick or the families too poor to go to somewhere like Disneyland. For them to see their childhood hero, their idol, can make a difference in their lives. It might not seem much to you as an adult but that moment can capture the child’s imagination and give them hope. Something positive to look back on. And for some kids can give them the a little bit of change in their life.

1118-batkid-maw-getty-redesign-2I dream of getting to work with Make-A-Wish! To make that difference again. I have had many friends get this opportunity. I won’t deny my jealousy of this.  It is one of the most cited positive memories and reasons why people CAUSEplay.

I learned so much about Make-a-Wish with this  documentary. And what it takes to make a wish happen. Even on a small scale there is a lot of work. This is an organization that works hard to make a difference one kid at a time. As they say in this documentary, to give back a little bit of the childhood taken away by illness and cancer.

Just as an FYI, I may be extremely biased toward this documentary in many ways. I also have a Masters in Public Administration where I studied nonprofits and disability studies, so I totally geeked out in many aspects of this documentary getting a behind the scenes look at Make-a-Wish. Especially when all those years of school helped with understanding the implications of this wish/event had for the organization and the City of San Francisco who helped make this happen.


The newspaper that a San Francisco company made to assist with this wish.

The most amazing thing about this wish is how it effected the world. Through social media people were able to experience the wish at the same time as the Madke-A-Wish recipient. The sense of community and love this wish inspired is truly amazing. How many people, complete strangers, came together for one child. Not only to make the wish happen but to help the family out after. A sense of community was created in San Francisco that day and how many people brought it up in interviews is truly inspiring. The most inspiring part to me is that one simple childhood dream affected so many of us.

The enthusiasm of each interviewed person brought tears to my eyes. You could see this wish bringing out the inner child in everyone involved. So many people joined in different creative ways to make this the most memorable day possible. I often wonder where our world would be if we weren’t socialized to suppress our imaginations. Forced to give up our dreams because of needing health insurance, needing to work a job you care nothing for to have a place to live or put food on the table. What if we could dream big and achieve it? What if we could all be Batkid?

This documentary makes you happy. If you need something to make you feel good and inspired to make a difference watch this documentary.

Batkid Begins Facebook.
Batkid Begins website.

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