Emerald City Comic Con 2016

 photo IMG_1802_zpsgquzpicl.jpg

ECCC 2016 has come and gone and I have been busy working on a review and interviews with cosplayers for Cosplayers Among Us Magazine! I thought it might be fun to start blogging about my highlights for memory’s sake instead of just looking at the con as a whole and dissecting the various aspects in a review. So here it goes! My personal highlights from ECCC 2016!

1- I actually saw my friends constantly this time! And multiple times! It’s not just that I have more friends in the Seattle area, I kept running into the same friends! It was a nice change from 2014 when we struggled to meet up even with making plans. You couldn’t find anyone with the crowd that year!

 photo IMG_1799_zps9q7wglff.jpg2- The Wonder Woman fandom made my con!! I have a ton of costumes and have never felt more loved and accepted by a fandom before! It was almost intoxicating and really made Saturday at the con stand out as one of the best con experiences ever! So thank you Wonder Woman fans!

3- The various talks I had about strong comic book characters and women empowerment.

 photo IMG_1822_zpsp2q5iyuy.jpg4- The steampunk represented at ECCC was amazing! It was inspiring and to see so many amazing ideas for crossovers! You should all be proud of your creations! One that stands out was a female venom who used a veil for the mask! Brilliant idea! I wish I had grabbed a picture with her. I had too much fun talking to her and that we were both wearing the same pattern and had difficulties in the same capacity of the patterns. And I loved the other Wonder Women in steampunk and dieselpunk. There were so many other crossovers that were amazing I don’t know where to begin.

 photo IMG_1812_zpswbhrkqar.jpg5- Another highlight was doing interviews for Cosplayers Among Us. I met so many different cosplayers. Each unique and inspiring in their own right. Make sure to check out the Facebook page to see the great costumes, enthusiasm, and potential inspiration.

6- But I must say that my all time favorite Cosplayers were the Monster High girls. Thank you to my friend who made sure I saw them. I was about to do an interview and my brain totally shut  photo IMG_1780_zps2rnmd193.jpgdown when he pointed them out! They looked fantastic and had the dolls with them. It was my only uncontrollable fan girl moment of the con! I MUST do a monster high cosplay now! I just need to decide what outfit!

 photo IMG_1803_zpsv6yqju3a.jpg7- The R2 Builders! I got see all the R2s!!!! I love R2! And we wore matching top hats one day! I may or may not have inspiration for a new steampunk crossover! As you can see from this photo evidence I fan-girled but it was not as bad as the with the Monster High cosplayers.

8- The talented saxophone man playing themes based off of the cosplayers around him! 90s X-men theme for the win. Not to mention I am sure the Frozen songs made Olaf’s day!

 photo IMG_1839_zpsnxabcpdf.jpgThank you to all my friends for making this con what it was! Seriously, the con itself was disappointing in various regards but you made it amazing! I had more fun running around outside the con with you and making new friends! Thank you! THANK YOU!!

For a complete review of ECCC 2016 check out my article for Cosplayer Among Us Magazine where I go into more detail about this convention!

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