R2Dtutu: These are the droids you are looking for. Part 1

I wish this was an original idea but it’s not. I totally saw someone else do a costume like this. It was adorable but like any cosplayer sometimes we look at a costume and sometimes think to ourselves “I would have done this and this differently.” That’s exactly what went through my heads! So I did the that and that I would have differently for this costume.
 photo photobucket 2_zpsdvjoju5z.jpg
For this costume I spent most of my time looking for reference shots of R2’s details and the perfect corset. With how I envisioned the details the usual snaps up the front you find on EBay corsets wasn’t going to cut it. Even looking at higher end shops and websites I couldn’t find what I wanted. After months I finally found a solid white corset. I replaced the back lacing to fit it over my shoulders but think my color selection worked better than what it came with. The only down side to this costume is because it doesn’t have front or side clasps I need help getting in and out of it.

 photo 905_zpsvwsmwbg1.jpgThe details are all hand painted with fabric paint on the corset and gloves by me. One reason I feel this costume is a success is I am constantly asked where I bought it! That is such a compliment to me.

The gloves have the details of R2’s legs on them. Again, hand painted by me. I also painted the point shoes blue. I have always had respect for ballet dancers but after breaking those in and walking at a con in them I appreciate their dedication to their art even more. Those are so uncomfortable! I have to thank a ballerina friend who walked me through the steps so of this process and the pest options to help reduce the pain while wearing these shoes. FYI these pointe shoes do occasional require touch ups on the paint so I would keep a bottle or the remains on hand.
I love the bracelets for this costume! I wanted something to represent the wires in his legs. And I thing this detail was a great idea personally! And the wig! I love this wig! I have used it for a few other things cause the color is so vibrant! With the long wig I didn’t feel a need for a necklace for the costume like I did with my C3PO.

 photo 1019_zpsdcdwic2i.jpgAt first I wanted to make a cute hat to represent his doom but all my designs honesty sucked! And my construction attempt was abysmal! Then I saw artwork of an umbrella with his dome details and decided that was what this costume needed! It wasn’t too hard to paint these details. The difficult part was finding an umbrella that wasn’t waterproof so I could add the details to it. I ended up using permanent ink pigment I found in the calligraphy isle at the craft store instead of fabric paint hoping that would hold up better when the umbrella was stored closed. So far it was a better choice and has help up well after a few years. It occasionally needs touch ups but what costume really doesn’t need maintenance.

To capture images of this costume I wanted to take advantage of leaving in Seattle with all the lush forests and pretended that I was on Endor. This shot was very difficult being in pointe shoes and unstable ground. We tried to get some good dance type poses but this was rather difficult. Not to mention I am not a trained ballerina so actually using the pointe shoes as they were designed is not possible or safe.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my R2Dtutu! This is one of the funnest costumes I own and I love being sassy and playful in it! There are so many great photos from Violet Rose Photography I had a hard time deciding what to choose for it so here is a link to my Facebook album. All photos credit goes to her. Please check out Part 2 of this series regarding C3PO’s build.

Check out my other cosplays and costumes on my resume by clicking here. If you have already checked out my resume you may notice no new listings for 2017. This is because I have been joyfully creating art for my new business! Check it out on my Facebook, Intsagram, Redbubble, and StorEnvy sites!

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