Animaniacs Volume 1:E11-35 Highlights (1993-94)

For an overview of Animaniacs and my highlights from other sections of the series click here. And a complete list of Episodes can be seen here in case I don’t highlight you favorite episode and you want to track it down to watch.

Many of the highlights show the intelligence of the writers for this show!

V1:E12 West Side Pigeons. This episode is a clever twist on the stage musical West Side Story focusing on the Goodfeather pigeons. West Side Story is a Romero and Juliet style gang story fighting over territory. The territory in they fight over is a statue of Scorsese’s Head! Here is just a clip of the clever writing that shortened a full length musical into just a few minutes honoring the dance and music iconic to this musical.

V1:E14 Cat On A Hot Steel Beam. This is a classic Mindy and Buttons episode! Mindy follows a kitten into a construction site and faithful Buttons does what he can to keep her safe! As always chaos ensues!

V1:E15 Battle For The Planet. I think this is my all time favorite Pinky and the Brain episode. It focuses on HG Wells War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938 that was so real people actually thought the world was being invaded. Brain decided to recreate this with modern technology!

V1:E16 The Great Wakkorotti: The Master And His Music” . Cause burping classical music is super classy! And so Wakko!

V1:E17 Good idea. Bad idea. This is the first appearance of this great little feature. These always make me smile with the level of ridiculousness that fits this entire series. For a complete list of these click here. For a compilation of these shorts click here.

V1:E18 Chicken Boo-Ryshnikov. The introduction of Chicken Boo! He is a chicken who dresses like a man. Need I say more! In this episode boo dresses like male dancer and preforms in Swan Lake.

V1:E19 Meatballs Or Consequences. Anything involving Death is a win to me!  The Warners challenge Death to a game to keep Wakko with them.

V1:E20 The Boids. This is a behind the scenes take of Alfred Hitchcock’s the Birds! As a horror fan I love this episode. Our favorite Goodfeather friends are the stunt doubles for the birds in this filming.

V1:E28 The Good, The Boo And The Ugly. Boo Cicken appears again in a western themed episode to save the town from a bully.

V1:E32 Astro-Buttons. This is another Mindy and Buttons episode in space! The references to sci-fi icons are great in this episode!

V1:E34 Bubba Bo Bob Brain. Pinky and the Brain try to take over the world with subliminal messaging through country music! There is one issue, Brain is too short. So he has to make himself stilts.

V1:E35 Very Special Opening / In The Garden of Mindy / No Place Like Homeless / Katie Ka-Boo / Baghdad Cafe. This entire episode is great! Characters get mixed up with other characters! Brain takes the place of Buttons keeping Mindy out of trouble. One of the Goodfeathers takes Rita’s place on another adventure to find a home.

Stay tuned for the next list of highlights Vol 1 Episode 36-65 highlights!

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