Monster High: Boo York, Boo York (2015)

500x500Monster High: Boo York, Boo York (2015)

Genre: Animation, Family, Monster High, Musical

Rated: Not rated

This is the first Monster High musical and to be honest my least favorite story to date. With it focusing on this worlds equivalency of New York and that this is a musical I was very excited about the idea but it felt too rushed compared to the most recent movies that were released. There was a lot going on throughout the entire movie with all the characters. For example within the first 6 minutes of the movie we learn about pop sensation Catty Noir‘s disappearance for the music scene and her unhappiness that she doesn’t get to write songs she identifies with, Cleo de Nile‘s family involvement with Boo York, a space commit nearing the planet, and Deuce Gorgon‘s feeling of inadequacy around Cleo’s family and this 6 minutes includes opening credits and two songs from Catty. This is a lot of information to process!

I will say I love the message from Catty’s character to be true to yourself and find your own story/song to express yourself. That you can lose yourself to fame, power, and money if you aren’t careful. I also love the subtext that art is a way to express yourself . My hope is that this movie will inspire kids peruse any form of art as a hobby to learn about themselves and express themselves. This idea is also told through the new character Seth Ptolemy.

The music is extra poppy, something younger kids may appreciate and something I can appreciate in small doses but not in the extent played in this movie. I have included a YouTube video below of the top 5 songs from this movie so you can get a feel for the music. Keep in mind this is just a portion of the songs from the movie.

Another reason this may not have been one of my favorites is that Cleo is the only character I cannot personal identify with. She embodies everything that I despised in high school and in the popular crowd. However, she does grow a lot throughout this movie. Cloe’s sister Nefera does not want to marry the boring Prince of Boo York Seth Ptolemy so she sets out to break up Deuce and Cleo freeing herself from the obligation and planning on raking in the benefits of the union with the powerful Ptolemy family. I love that we got to know more about Deuce thorough this story as well. He has more depth than originally shown. The male characters in this show do not get enough attention or story sadly.

Side note, I recall one Halloween I made a little boys day because I actually knew he was Deuce from this show and not Medusa like everyone else passing out candy. Non-parent win for me!

The highlight of this movie for me was the sub story of Ghoulia Yelps and Abbey Bominable trying to save the world from the commit. The best part is that the other monsters at Monster High think it is a new video game! I love it! As always Ghoulia saves the day but I won’t tell you how! 😉

I recommend watching through the credits for the short clip added, especially if you are a fan of Ever After High. The fairy tale equivalence to Monster High.


Some of the new dolls from this movie.

New Characters: Luna Mothews daughter of the Moth, Elle Eedee daughter of the Robots, Mouscedes King daughter of the Rat King, Astranova daughter of the Alien , and Seth Ptolemy son of the Mummy.

Fun verbiage from this move: scaretige, Unnatural Museum of History, and Bloodway (aka Broadway).

Duration: 71 minutes

Mala’s Rating: 2 out 5

IMDB: 6.5 out of 10 as of 4/2016

Amazon: 4.7 out of 5 stars as of 4/2016, available for purchase or rent

Netflix: Available at the time of review

Here is the one song that I really enjoyed in this whole movie:

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