Zoombies (2015)

zoombiesZoombies (2015)

Genre: Action, B-rate, Horror

Rated: NR/TV-14

This movie is B-Rate gold! (But not nearly as amazing as Zombeavers, there was a serious lack of animatronics compared to Zombeavers. Animatronics are an instant win in my book). But you do get everything from zombie monkeys to zombie giraffes and zombie lions to kolas! You name it and becomes a zombie in this movie!

The premise of this movie is that an isolated animal safari accidentally turns monkeys into zombies. Once these monkeys break out of the lab all chaos breaks out.

The acting is actually not that bad and the writing was better than expected. But this is still a B-rate movie.

The computer graphics are terrible in this movie. When I say terrible I mean extremely terrible. And they rely too much on computer animation. I miss the old days of animatronics and practical effects. This movie had a lot of potential to use these techniques but didn’t even try to use them. Even the gore is mainly computer graphics. IMDB has this listed with a TV rating so I am wondering if this is a factor into the lack of gore and that it is mainly cg’ed. Trying to google this movie title to look into it more didn’t help. The searches just came up with zombie movies in general. Part of my lower rating is because of the graphics.

First Death Animal Death: 3 min 38 seconds

First Human Animal Death: 5 min 27 seconds

Duration: 87 minutes

Mala’s review: 2.5 out of 5 stars

IMDB: 3.4 out of 10 as of 6/2016

Amazon: 3.9 out of 5 stars as of 6/2016. Available for purchase or rent

Netflix: available for streaming at time of review

Monster High: Haunted (2015)

MV5BMTk5NDM0NTE3MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTI0MzU3NDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_Monster High: Haunted (2015)

Genre: Animation, Family, Monster High

Rated: Not rated

In this feature we learn about how gossip can be bad in several ways through the movie. Spectra Vondergeist, daughter of the Specter, is struggling to find new stories for her blog so she starts writing about what people say without checking her facts causing rumors to float through Monster High. We also learn about the ghost world of Monster High when the girls go to Haunted High to find out why Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, is being haunted and my whom. Especially since no ghost has haunted a “solid” (everyone who is not a ghost) since the Red Lady, an evil woman who basically ruined haunting for all ghosts and was punished by having to wear chains for each crime she committed. Chains she must work off. As a result all ghosts are now afraid of “solids”.

While the ghouls are at Monster High they learn that the head mistress punishes the students by giving them detention chains for breaking rules. These rules are not fairly administered and sometimes are made up on the spot. Spectra ends up trapped in the ghost world for bringing the ghouls into Haunted High where no “solid” has been before. Of course the other ghouls can’t leave her stuck at Haunter High so they turn themselves into ghosts with the help of Twyla, daughter of the Boogie Man, to help their friend and enter the ghost world again. Part of the plot is dependent on the fact that they use magic sand to turn themselves into ghosts and need to use sand to turn themselves into their fab monster selves. The Head mistress becomes obsessed with bringing all ghosts in Monster High back to Haunted High and then turning monsters into ghosts since she knows now there is a way to do this and bring more ghosts to her school.

One of my favorite new characters is Aye, a cuddle fish who is the companion of Vandala Doubloons, daughter of a ghost pirate. He is so cute! I was disappointed her doll didn’t come with him. Poor decision on the Mattel’s part but I can see why they didn’t for continuity of all the dolls released with this movie. I really enjoyed Vandala;s character too. I wish that there was more of her in this movie. Hopefully she will be back in the series. I mean a pirate ghost who gets sea sick? Come on, its funny!

There are a lot of great aspects of this movie such as cleaver names such as River Styxx. I totally geeked out over this name the first time I watched this movie. Greek mythology references for the win! For those of you who don’t enjoy mythology the River Styx runs between Earth and the underworld that the dead have to cross. Considering she is the daughter of the Grim Reaper it is a very fitting name.

Fun verbiage from this movie: Las Plagus, Scaribbean, Davy Bones

tumblr_nf8vruBH7W1rzpn7fo2_r1_1280New Characters: River Styxx, daughter of the Grim Reaper; Vandala Doubloons, daughter of a ghost pirate; Aye; Ms. RevenantKiyomi Haunterly, daughter of the Noppera-bō; Porter “Paintergeist” Geiss, son of the Poltergist; Hall Moanitors

Mala’s Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

IMDB: 5.7 out of 10 as of 6/2016

Amazon: 4.8 out of 5 stars as of 6/2016. Available for purchase and renting for Prime members.

Netflix: Available for streaming at time of review

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Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! (2014)

 photo monster-high-frights-camera-action.22114_zpsgm0vhnhm.jpgMonster High: Frights, Camera, Action! (2014)

Genre: Animation, Family, Monster High,

Rated: Not rated

This is taken right from the Monster High Wiki on this movie since they said it much better than anyway I tried, “A large part of the Monster High student body chooses to catch the new Vampire Majesty movie before classes one day. Draculaura (daughter of Dracula) is among them, even though she openly disapproves of the inaccuracy of the Vampire Majesty series and considers its leading actress, Veronica Von Vamp, a hack. Her friends show her some patience and allow her to tell them the true story of the Vampire Court in Transylvania, which she grew up amidst. Draculaura enthusiastically explains that the vampires find their leader by listening to the Vampire’s Heart, a magic artifact that can locate the rightful ruler and lights up in their presence. She adds that the Vampire’s Heart has failed to lead the vampires to their new queen for four centuries and counting, though. Her friends agree that story is better than the one of the Vampire Majesty movies.”

Meanwhile in Transvilanya, Lord Stoker, who is supposed to be looking for the long lost vampire queen hasn’t really been looking as he enjoyed the power without the queen. After much pressure form the vampire court he decided to make Draculaura the queen planning on manipulating her to keep the power he enjoys and to make it so vampires do not interact with other monsters. Draculaura quickly discover Lord Stoker is up to no good and the ghouls aim to spoil his evil plans to ruin the world of monster equality that they love. They soon learn that Draculaura’s friend, who is also Stoker’s niece, Elissabat ran away when she stole the Vampire’s Heart from her uncle to hid it from him.  She left clues so the girls go on a world adventure to find the real Vampire’s Heart and the true queen of the vampires. They travel to Londoom (London), New Gorelans (New Orleans), and Hauntlywood (Hollywood) trying to find the Vampire Heart. As always new friends are made and dreams achieved!

Major them of this movie is to think beyond yourself and think of others. The typical lesson of being true to yourself is  is off course involved but not as heavily emphasized in this movie as it is in the other movies.

I love the Ygor character in this movie! He is the assistance to Lord Stoker and very much comic relief in this movie. His dialogue is perfect! “I haven’t lost my mind, I still keep it in this little jar.” All he wants to do this entire movie is see his first boo-vie.

Another thing that I love is the involvement of the Twilight series on our pop culture. Though personally not a fan of this franchise I thought it was a fun touch of our reality in this world. Team Edweird all the way! Not really but that gives you an idea of how the conversation goes. And of course the men have no idea who is who thinking they all look a like. It is funny. Especially when the girls back at Monster High decide to have cute court to determine which vampire in the Vampire Majesty is the cutest.

Fun verbiage from this movie: Edweird, scritage, boo wor photo frights_zpshxejcrzc.pngld, Tower of Londoom, New Goreleans, boo-vies, William Spookspear, Scareantino, and clawsome

New characters: Clawdia Wolf, Clawdeen’s older sister; Elissabat, daughter of the vampire; Honey Swamp,daughter of the swamp monster; and Viperine Gorgon, daughter of the Gorgon.

Duration: 74 minutes

Mala’s Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

IMDB: 6.4 out of 10 as of 6/2016

Amazon: 4.8 out of 5 as of 6/2016

Netflix: Available at the time of review

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Hero Behind the Mask: Skyman

This month’s interview is a little different than my usual interview. This month I interviewed a Real Life Super Hero in my local community instead of a CAUSEplayer. This man has a heart of gold and truly makes a difference in his community. He recently had his birthday and instead of throwing himself a party he arranged a homeless outreach event. As you can see by this example he is truly an inspiration regarding his community and we can all copy a page from the Book of Skyman! Here is to you Skyman! I can’t wait to continue following your adventures!-Mala

interview pic 1

Can you please describe for the readers what a real life super hero is? 
What is a Real-life Superhero (RLSH)? Well, there are a lot of definitions swirling about the internet and definitely Wikipedia! I’m going to give you the definition that I find relevant for myself and the others that I interact with through social media. An RLSH is one that has developed a superhero persona of their own creation that isn’t part of any canon of comic-books. We are our own creations, yet with a nod to the inspiration we get from comic-books.

The costume is intended to either be intimidating or inspiring depending upon what your purpose is. Some wear the mask to keep their personal lives private and some wear it to continue with the iconic imagery that the comic-book superhero has. Now does the ‘secret identity’ really work in the real world? Not so much, however I do know some that have kept up the separation and we don’t know their real names. To them I have much respect… some do have lives that need to be kept.. secret.

Having created a persona with a name and individual costume we travel outside in the real world attempting to make real change in our neighborhoods. An RLSH’s given ‘work’ is only limited by the groundings in reality… we don’t have superpowers! The stereotypical work is primarily through neighborhood watch patrolling and seeking out the ‘criminal element’ At least that’s the hope! Never really happens though, being in the right place at the right time to intervene in a physical altercation or anything related that needs de-escalation is few and far between.


What inspired you to become a super hero?
Well, its been an evolution of my personality really. You see, back in Junior High in football I was given the nick-name of ‘SkyMan’ as my first name is Skyler. It stuck. When I was diagnosed with a mental illness in my teenage years I needed something to help quell the personal demons I was battling. So I turned to back to my childhood of superhero comics and cartoons. From there I created the inner personality of SkyMan to help Skyler survive the bouts of depressive suicidal idiation and manic cycles.

It was only in 2010 that I stumbled upon the movement/concept/community of the Real-life Superhero. I was still battling the demon of alcoholism that Ive been struggling with for 20 yrs now and one afternoon of drinking was watching the Watchmen movie DVD Boxed set. There was a documentary attached to it entitled “Real Superheroes, Real Vigilantes”

Of course I immediately Googled the term and then found the online movement and saw that there are people that actually do this in real world situations.

What does being a local super hero mean to you?
I truly believe being an RLSH should be a beacon of hope and inspiration. I guess you could say I want to hearken back to the Golden Age of superheroes that were colorfully clad and had high ideals. I also believe that being a member of your locality is where one should start. I live in a major metropolitan area and can spread myself out a bit. The Greater Seattle area is where I operate and am from and live in a suburb. Hailing from Federal Way I have, over the years, become a bit of a local notable. I attend and volunteer at events around town, show up to community led charity walks, been featured in the local newspaper, and have even shown up at City Council meetings to lobby for issues that I find important. I do some neighborhood watch in my community but have found it difficult over the years to fully develop a strategy to defend my local turf.


What do you hope to accomplish by doing this?
Simple and grandiose answer? To save the world, of course!

I know that’s not entirely doable for just one man in some handcrafted armor and some colors though… Really, I want to get to a place where I am happy to live my own life. To have a life worth living. I’m not there yet and some 6 yrs in I don’t expect to be anytime soon. I call myself a ‘crusader’ Well, my crusade is that SkyMan continuously improve Skylers life. Its a selfish answer but its the one I live by.

What differences have you made?
Over my career as a ‘costumed activist’ I’ve foiled a few crimes in progress, saved a life or two by being in the right place at the right time and many, MANY, acts of charitable kindness. I’ve helped hundreds, perhaps thousands, of homeless stay alive one more night through the homeless kits and supplies I’ve given out; paid for out of my own pocket mostly. I’ve shared my own personal struggles of battling mental illness and substance abuse with many people by sharing my own ‘experience, strength, and hope.’ Most importantly, being SkyMan and doing the work of an RLSH, being committed to a cause greater than myself, has saved my life on more than a few occasions by not succumbing to my depression.


How do you keep yourself safe while patrolling?
I made one rule for myself that I’ve pretty much adhered to over the years;
‘Never patrol alone’. Does it mean I get out there on the ‘mean streets’ less than Id like?

Of course. But I’ve always believed that there is strength in numbers and you cant have eyes in the back of your head or keep your situation awareness up constantly. Our heads weren’t born on a swivel.
I do carry a fully stocked and functional utility belt that carries personal self-defense devices; pepper spray, baton, and stun knuckles It also has a fully stocked trauma rated First Aid kit. So I don’ t go out on patrol without the ‘tools of the trade’ However, I’ve been in patrolling groups where the others I’m working with carry enough protection for the lot of us so I’ve been known to only go out in my armor.

I also wear a Level IIIa bullet-resistant vest. For many years I operated without one to prove the point that you don’t have to have it to do the work… also, its always been outside my budget and very hard to find plus sizes. I lucked out around Christmas last year as one of my teammates picked up the tab on a functional vest he found for me. So after many years I do have one that I wear for patrol and crowd control purposes.


Do you feel that others can be super heroes without a costume? If so, why?
I feel that we all have the ability to emulate the compassion, tenacity, and true heroism that the comic-book inspired superheroes show us. The costume, or super-suit as we call it in the RLSH community, is just the tool we use to draw attention to ourselves. To be a true superhero get outside yourself and do something for others. Whether its as brave as helping to feed the homeless or something as simple as smiling to your neighbor…. that’s enough.

How long have you done this in your community?
SkyMan the Tri-Colored Crusader was given form on Arbor Day 2010 in a local park where he helped with trail maintenance and planting.


What advice do you have for becoming a real super hero?
Advice for somebody wanting to join the RLSH Community and to become one?
First, do some cursory research on what you are passionate about and search for your inner heroes identity. Do plenty of internet research into the people involved in the movement and read about us and what we do. Why? There are always people coming and going in the community that I find it troublesome that the lack of research and examination isn’t done.

Also, please try and be creative with your persona. There are a lot of black-clad ninja looking folks out there that think they have to be Batman and skulk in the shadows. I’m here to tell you as one of the more experienced, seasoned, and active RLSH out there that that mindset and attire don’t work. Its not in the imagery of the iconic golden-age era of superheroes that wanted to present a friendly image to the general populace. I understand that names and creativity are difficult… but nobody said that being a superhero was simple, much less easy!


Favorite Comic Character: Captain America! Sure, Steve was given the super-soldier serum that turned him into a super-strength powered person but before that the tenacity and patriotism of the scrawny youth was what made him a real hero.

Least favorite comic character and why? Superman! He is an alien from another planet trying to fit in when we all know he cant. His a God among mere mortals and is an anomaly.

Favorite Book: How to be a Superhero by NightRider. Its one of the very first published manuals out there and documents the very early days of the RLSH Community.

Favorite Video Game: I grew up on Super Mario Bros. And my SNES.

Favorite Convention: Emerald City Comic Con… even though its become a larger than life event. I’m going to stay loyal as I won my 4 day pass this past year.

Affiliations (clubs or groups): I’m a member of a local team of RLSH in the greater Seattle area, the Emerald City Heroes Organization (ECHO)

Facebook: is the one major form of social media I participate in on a daily basis.

Twitter: SkyMan253