The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire 2016

The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire 2016 of Bonnie Lake, WA

Going to a Renaissance (Ren) Faire is something that I have always wanted to go to and I finally got to check out this event in Washington thanks to the talented Something Pretty inviting me to help with her booth. I want to start off this review by thanking her for the wonderful opportunity and I look forward to working with her in the future!

I had so much fun that my new life goal is to be a Renie, basically someone who travels from Ren Faire to Ren Faire. Sadly, but understandably, my husband said no to that career goal. 😦

This is my list 10 highlights from the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire!

  1. The Scandinavian Wizard Metal musical styling of Frostylock’s Transmogrification. This guy is so epic-ally awesome that his business card is even a Magic the Gathering card! Make sure to check out his website to see if he will be at your local Ren Faire.
  2. Meeting epic people like Paul the Barbarian. Sadly my antlers for this costume did not work out and broke the first day. Every time I saw him, and this was each day I was at the Ren Faire, I was so sad I couldn’t challenge him to a fight with our horns. On the last day I finally did, thanks to the encouragement from my booth mates! I don’t regret that! Paul was a pleasure to see and speak with. As was his friend, whose name I am epic-ally forgetting. I am honestly terrible with names! Photo by Something Pretty  photo IMG_2581_zpsglakb5tg.jpg
  3. All the amazing food! The food is pricey but oh sooooooo good! There is so much to choose from it was hard to decide! I really enjoyed my chicken pot pie, fries, onion rings, and the turkey leg especially! As you can say I lived up to my costume devouring like a true barbarian! I also had to fight a dog off for my turkey leg, we became friends after if you are wondering what happened. Photo by Something Pretty. photo IMG_2459_zpsucrnoebw.jpg
  4. The jousting tournament was very exciting! Since I was at the Ren Faire on several weekends I watched several tournaments. The announcer was great! With some help from a friend I tracked down this talented person. The character’s name is Count Vidor and you can find this talenter performer on Facebook by clicking here.  He was entertaining! The tournament involved several displays of skills from combat to horseback riding.

    And here is Spain, sadly losing to England in the joust.
  5. Seeing ladies represent in a traditionally male sport! Thank you ladies of Spain, not only for you entertainment and great spirits but for also showing what a kick a$$ woman can do!  photo IMG_2452_zps4jyka6up.jpg
  6. I loved people’s enthusiasm for the costumes. And the creativity that I saw. It was so great talking to everyone about cosplay and costumes that I got to. But that is my passion after all. One I love sharing! Washington Midsummer fair goes on for three weekends and each has its own theme. Pirate, fairy, and royals. photo IMG_2477_zpsxcqnv4rc.jpg
    This girl and I were totally inspired by the same make up muse! We had to take a picture!  photo IMG_2445_zpsu94cgo2i.jpg
  7. The fact that anything goes at Ren Faire and you can run into Deadpool or an Ewok! Seriously, anything goes! Everyone is so open and accepting. We are all there to get out of our realities and have fun! Thank you to everyone who made those days so memorable. photo IMG_2450_zpsjh3nia10.jpg
  8. The pickle lady. I am not a pickle person but it seemed to be a popular item. I did try one, cause why not, I am at Ren Faire! Embrace the traditions and try something new. I don’t plan on getting it again personally but it is highly recommended by the regulars of Ren Faire.
  9. That there were dogs everywhere! I love dogs and every day was full of them!
  10. Getting to meet Cat Cosplay! Sadly I failed at getting a picture with Cat Cosplay. 😦
  11. I love how into character everyone is! It really makes you feel like you are in a different world.
  12. The giant chasing and catching fairies. The interaction of the actors with the general public was so great to watch.

I highly recommend finding your local Ren Faire and checking it out. Keep in mind that each Ren Faire will have its own traditions. As a friend explained to me there are different historical points and each Ren Faire focuses on a different point in that history. If you go in costume have fun and get creative! I found a lot of inspiration this year for future costumes and I am sure you will too. But costumes are not required so go have fun in general!

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