Steamposium 2016

img_2617This is my third year attending Steamposium. But my first time attending for the entire weekend. And I was literally there before opening and until closing two days and just a few hours shy of the same thing on the third day. In other words I got to see a lot of the con so here is my list of highlights!

1. Getting to see Brian Kesinger again. He is always a delight to speak with! If you don’t know who he is you should! And you should support his amazing art! As with many artists at cons he is always more than happy to sign his work or books for you.

img_26562. The steampunk community in general! This community has always blown me away with their kindness, welcoming open arms, enthusiasm, and craftsmanship. Thank you to all the attendees for sporting their wears and their passion! I have been inspired for future projects by many of you. And I especially want to thank those who geeked out with me over costumes and crafting, or Star Wars…..I may have done that a little too much over this con.

img_26223. The regular vendors who have such amazing pieces. Each year, and in some cases for those who work the circuit each con. I love seeing the new designs and inspiration that you bring with you! Your talent and hard work are testament to the steampunk community and the creativity.

4. Ribbons. I wish more cons had this fun tradition. And was so glad to get to participate in this tradition this year. Some con goers, and many vendors, have ribbons. If you say or do something in particular you get a ribbon to add to your badge. I may have only had two but now that I know how his works I think I can get more this year. 🙂

img_26205. The Dalek that a con goer brings to many local cons. This always make me happy! I have several pictures with this amazing machine at other Seattle based conventions.

6. The trading room where steampunkers bring clothing and items they don’t need or want any more. Not only did I get to geek out I also got items for future costumes and steampunk!

7. The variety of events from panels and airship races and from a fashion show to costume contest. Though it would have been nice to have paper schedules like we were originally told there would be. Or an app that we can access on our phone.

8. Steamposium, thank you for trusting us to be adults with our fake weapons and not making us peace bond them!

img_2650This year the con didn’t go without its hiccups but ever con has something go wrong with it, which I won’t go into here since this is my list of highlights but did discuss in my Cosplayers Among Us article that you can read here.

If you went to Steamposium make sure to participate in the survey and give them your thoughts and ideas. One thing I value about this con is that they want to hear what the attendees have to say and want to improve it. I look forward to next years Steamposium!

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