III:The Ritual (2015)

mv5bmjm4nze0mdazn15bml5banbnxkftztgwmjk0mzywnze-_v1_sy1000_cr006661000_al_III – The Ritual (2015) (III (original title))

Genre: Drama, Foreign, Horror, Thriller, 31 Days of Horror 2016

Rated: not rated

Duration: 80 minutes

This is an award winning foreign film. On Netflix the audio is in German or Russian but you can have English subtitles. This movie is in essences Silent Hill meets the Cell.

This movie is slower paced but intriguing. Well worth sitting through until the end. It defiantly goes against a lot of typical horror “cliches”. In fact, I almost don’t want to leave that listed in the genre list above. There is some blood and gore but very little and it is not a major facet of the story telling. If that is what you are in the mood for I recommend something else to watch but if you want thought provoking, this is your film!

Some of the effects you could tell were with a green screen but overall I think it was well done. The creature effects were pretty cool in the few scenes that they were used. Acting was decent for the most part. The music was well done in this movie. I really enjoyed the end credit music.

The cinematography of this movie was amazing! Very nice use of color and contrasts. And the scenery used was beautiful. Though some of the usage didn’t further the plot in my opinion.

Loved the costumes in this. I am not sure if it was stylized or to depict a certain time period, which I did attempt to research but couldn’t find much on this movie in English, either way I very much enjoyed these.

I found this another review of this movie well worth checking out to make your decision if you want to watch this movie or not. Check it out here.

IMDB: 5.1 out of 10 at time of review

Amazon: not available at time of review

Netflix: Available at time of review

Mala’s Review: 4 out of 5

Check out the other movies on this years 31 days of Horror. And if you like what you read last years (not all movies were reviewed but I hope to do better this year!)!

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