Circle (2015)

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Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, 31 Days of Horror 2016

Rated: Not Rated

Duration: 87 minutes

This movie is not your typical horror movie. There is no sex, gore, or scary occult creature. Well, technically there is a “creature” but you never see who, or what, put the 50 characters in the same room together. The true scariness of this movie is the confrontation with human nature you experience. This movie is intellectual and thought provoking as the view is forced to confront a lot of current issues in the United Stated as the character are forced to vote for the next to die. Issues like racism, sexism, ageism, immigration, and  social standing just to name a few. If you are not willing to take a hard look at the reality of society then this movie is not for you.

Overall the story is simple and there is no build up like in most horror movies. As a viewer you are thrown right into the confusion and fear the characters are experiencing. Which I think added to the tension as we discovered the reality of the situation with the characters.

Personally I loved the simplicity of the set. The design was fantastic and added a lot to the story I feel.

Some of the characters, especially the ones the died at the beginning, were superficial but those that survived longer became deeper as we learned about their prejudices while each person is confronted with the possibility of their death. Some fought for other’s survival while others fought for their own survival creating a lot of tension.

I couldn’t help but wonder what would I do if I were put in this position. What is the moral thing to do? Is there an ethical decision when it comes to choosing your life or someone else’s? And if you decided that someone else’s life is more important, how do you decide whose life to save? A pregnant woman? A child? Someone who provides for 6 kids? A single mother of a toddler? What would you do if you were placed in this terrifying situation?

IMDB: 6 out of 10 at time of review

Amazon: 3.5 out of 5 starts at time of review. Available for streaming (rent and purchase)

Netflix: available at time of review

Mala’s Rating: 4 out of 5

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