Cowboys & Vampires (2010)

p8502972_p_v7_aaCowboys & Vampires (2010) (Original Title: Dead West)

Genre: Action, B-Rate, Horror, Western, 31 Days of Horror 2016

Rated: TV 14

Duration: 94 minutes

I started this movie based strictly off the title and the amazing movie poster Amazon has associated with film. I mean look at how cool that design is! When I selected this movie I was looking for a movie to get Kenny the Creeper to review since his review of Zombeavers was so great! I love talking to him about B-Rate movies that are so atrocious they are awesome. Sadly, this wasn’t one of those gems in the horror genre.

mv5bmti4mze4mdk4of5bml5banbnxkftztcwmzuymtq1mw-_v1_This movie was not at all what I was expecting especially considering it seemed to have a pretty high production budget. I was really hoping Cowboys & Aliens (highly recommend that movie btw) type movie but nope, not even close. I think if this movie stayed with it’s original title that this would have been less deceiving, which by the way is Dead West. (You can see it over that way on your screen > > > >. Unless you are on a mobile device that it might be that way ^^^^^^.) The Dead West image is not deceiving like the Cowboys & Vampires image. I guess this is an example that good marketing can go a long way.

I guess I should say what this movie is about now. This is a movie about western movies and not a western movie. Should have read the description before viewing. Not only this but the scenes are cut up by an interview about a movie….or events… confused. Interesting idea but I think it was too much, especially with the cuts to Western movies and something about a Western movie set with tourists. Not really sure I followed the whole premise of this movie. Was the movie itself about this Western tourist attraction or was the interview about a movie about the tourist attraction within this movie? PPPPSSSSSSST…..The answer to this question became clearer as the movie progressed but it didn’t make the movie any better.

Despite the efforts to make you feel for the characters I just didn’t care about them. The acting wasn’t too bad for a b-rate but it wasn’t that good either. The leading lady Angélica Celaya did a great job with the transformation of her character through this movie. I wouldn’t mind seeing her in another vampire role.

Half way through the movie I was tempted to turn it off……but I sat through it. And I mean painfully sat through it. The gore and special effects, what minuscule amount there was, didn’t even make up for the atrocity that is this move.

At one point there is basically a haunted house/cave built on the movie attraction place, or whatever it is, and we spend a good chunk of time following random people through the haunted cave while they die in various means by various creatures, who are not even vampires.  This was ridiculous and unnecessary for the plot. Seriously, I don’t even understand why people thought this was good idea. There are only a few vampires in the entire movie. This should be titled Cowboy Wannabes vs the Supernatural instead of deceiving us.

If you chose to watch this movie I hope you enjoy it more than I did. Now excuse me while I go look for a movie like what I originally wanted to see. Maybe I will just watch Cowboys & Aliens instead of risking another disappointment. Actually, Penny Dreadful Season 3 is on Netflix now I think I will watch this amazing series.

IMBD: 2.4 out of 10 at time of review

Amazon: 1.2 out of 4 stars. Available for Prim streaming and purchase

Netflix: Not available

Mala’s Review: 1 out of 5

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