Fright Night (2013)

mv5bmjmymtc5ntqzov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmzk2mjgwmde-_v1_Fright Night (2013)

Genre: B-Rate, Horror, Thriller, 31 days of horror 2016

Rated: R

Duration: 100 minutes

After watching the atrocious vampire movie Cowboys & Vampires I decided it was worth watching a real vampire movie. Especially since I am nearing 31 reviews and haven’t watched a decent one yet. Vampires are one of my favorite horror creatures, despite their increase in romantic literature as of late, so I tend to watch these types of movies all year. This particular movie is a sequel to the remake of Fright Night done in 2011, another movie well worth watching! This is not a remake of the sequel from 1988 to the original but its own story.

It looks like this movie went straight to DVD and there are many reasons for this. There were a lot of cheesy effects, and some plot decisions, that I think were bad decisions. This movie is full of cliches from the beginning. Girl on girl make out session. Hot teacher fantasy (not a spoiler since its in the description) who just to happens to be a vampire. Strip club. Virgin blood being important.

Gore was decent with this movie. Not a spoiler since this is a vampire movie but there is a ton of blood. And I mean bathtubs and swimming pools full of blood as this is what keeps out sexy vampire teacher super sexy after all.

I liked the location selected for this movie. I mean, Romania screams vampire lore. And it was nice to see a modern day Romania setting over the old village with torches and pitchfork type of feel. In Dracula’s palace there were some really neat statutes that fit perfectly into the concept of this movie. Set design a majority of this movie was on point.

Not so sure about the use of echolocation used by vampires in this movie. It was an interesting idea but not 100% sure about the execution of this. Defiantly haven’t seen that used before in any of the vampire movies I have watched. This segments of the movie using this had a ton of strobe lights which just didn’t come across right to me. At least I am assuming they were strobe lights but it could have just been editing. Either way I don’t think that it helped the scene.  My biggest complaint may be a complete spoiler but I won’t say where is happens to avoid spoiling anything in case you watch this movie is, why would the echolocation of one vampire hurt the ears of vampire? Wouldn’t that technically hurt their own ears? It doesn’t hurt other bats does it? I just don’t understand. If anyone does please let me know.

I will say that the fight scene in the bathroom at about 1 hour 8 minutes, minus the close up of the poop in the toilet, was pretty awesome. Full of cheesy one-liners! This scene almost redeemed the movie. And right after that we find ourselves back in the strip club where the owner is “fortifying” his business with pages from the bible, garlic, and holy water. Another scene that almost redeemed the movie.

I think that the acting was good in this movie but never cared for the characters. The end fight scene seemed to drag on for too long. It never seemed to end. Seriously never SEEMED TO END!

This movie did have a ton of great one liners.

IMDB: 4.3 out of 10 at time of review

Amazon: 3.1 out of 5 starts at time of review. Available for streaming (rental and purchase)

Netflix: Available at time of review

Mala’s Rating: 2 out of 5, You should watch the remake of Fright Night from 2011, a lot better than this movie I promise.

Check out the other movies on this years 31 days of Horror. And if you like what you read last years (not all movies were reviewed but I hope to do better this year!)

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