Wonder Woman

I originally I wanted to do a very detailed armor version of Wonder Woman, the Injustice version to be exact, but decided for my first sintra armor attempt that it was a little too much for my current skill level and starting smaller would be better. I chose the classic look to get some practice and develop new skills to eventually do the Injustice armor. So many details!!! Practice makes perfect and starting small is not a bad thing! Many of the amazing armor you see in cosplay is done by people who have done this hobby for years.

Wonder Woman has her own set of problems. Originally I tried making her armor out of foam and failed utterly! I didn’t reinforce the foam correctly so the thinner foam (which was a bad idea to begin with) I used tore apart. I have since been very successful and have completed a fantasy armor set! I decided to use sintra for this Wonder Woman armor and would still make this decision because of its differences with EVA foam! This is my first sintra project and I had a ton of help from friends on how to do this. If you are unfamiliar with sintra this is a heat mold-able plastic and I loved working with it. I want to thank my husband for helping shape the armor to my body. I couldn’t have completed this project with your assistance! Or with guidance from him, Seth, and Vintage Harley Kisses. If you aren’t sure what sintra is check out this great video by RENNAgade Cosplay.

I did a lot of wet sanding to get the armor so smooth and amazing! The only part that I ended up not doing was the gauntlets. I had two failed attempts and since I had a deadline for the toy drive my amazing husband did them for me.

The corset I used as the base is one that I have had for years and hadn’t worn in a while. It is mauve but I like the color against the gold and blue. Since it had plastic boning and I was worried about it supporting the weight of armor I re-boned it with flexible metal ones. Reattaching the bottom was a nightmare! It doesn’t look the best but I decided since it was going to be hidden by a piece of armor my sixth attempt was good enough. Call me crazy but even after this I want to try and construct a corset from beginning to end. The armor is attached to the corset by Velcro. When not wearing I have to wrap this in a towel so the Velcro doesn’t damage the corset. Just a tidbit you may want to consider for your own costumes.

The only thing I feel needs to be upgraded are the boots. I had bought some great red leather boots and was so excited to find them on clearance! I don’t like the ones you normally find on line because they tend to be vinyl and that would look good with what i was envisioning. So I found white automotive leather paint and tried painting the white strip up the middle. Sadly this pulled the red dye out of the boot turning pinkish. I applied layer after layer and it never hide the pink.

I had to Finally say well this is the best this gets! When I pulled of the masking tape I discovered that it hadn’t stayed sealed over the weeks I painted the layers of white so there were streaks and blotches. I found red automotive leather paint in red but the shade is off so that won’t work to cover up the unwanted white. Luckily I bought two pairs of red boots since I was also planning on Supergirl at the time. So I wear those with this costume for now.

I have also used pieces from this costume to make a Steampunk version in 2016.

Check out my other cosplays and costumes on my resume by clicking here. If you have already checked out my resume you may notice no new listings for 2017. This is because I have been joyfully creating art for my new business! Check it out on my Facebook, Intsagram, Redbubble, and StorEnvy sites!

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