Geek Girl Con Highlights

 photo IMG_2735_zpsnbfvqftz.jpg First of all I want to say congrats and thank you to Geek Girl Con for another great con! Once again they sold out passes which is always exciting for a con! It was almost mind blowing how huge they were this year compared to the last time I was there. This is still a small, and newer, con compared to the other established mega cons in the Seattle area like PAX and Emerald City Comic Con, or even Sakura Con, but is quickly growing and making a name for it self! And they are wonderful! So much positive energy and positiveness, it is truly inspiring!

 photo IMG_2721_zpsvfchqtnf.jpg1. The DIY Science Zone put on by the science museum. I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted here but I did walk through and look at all the different activities from making a craft comet to learning about air pressure and chemical reactions and from a zombie game to air blown water race! There were so many other amazing fun science activities to engage and educate kids too. I had so much fun with the activities I tried and I wasn’t even the target audience. Plus they had coloring pages.

 photo IMG_2733_zpsvelojckq.jpg2. So many mind blowing cosplays this year! I got a few pictures but I don’t have a camera to do all of these justice! This is defiantly a cosplay heavy con.

3. The vendor hall had so many great artists and hand crafted items! The talent is amazing. I usually don’t spend money at cons but I couldn’t resist this time. The variety of items and how they connected with the theme of Geek Girl was great to see. There were sellers with hand made perfumes, lip balms, and body lotions, make up bags for the geek chic, geek themed bath bombs, the hilariously awesome period panties (these were defiantly talked about by many of the people I know at this con), jewelry, clothing, and oh so much more.

 photo IMG_2730_zpsrv0e17bc.jpg4. The sheer amount of artists publishing their own color books! I love it and hope to see more things like this at other cons.

5. A great variety of panels.


6. I got to see R2 and the Dalek at the same con! This hasn’t happened in a long time!


7. The amazing staff who put together a great con from a huge variety of panels to the costume contest, the vendors and artists, and from various fan meet ups to a photo booth. There is so much work that goes into putting a con on and Geek Girl has always been extremely professional and a joy to work with! To each person who took the time to speak with me thank you! And more importantly thank you for volunteering your time. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next year!

Make sure to keep an eye open for my official review of Geek Girl Con with Cosplayers Among Us magazine

Steamposium 2016

img_2617This is my third year attending Steamposium. But my first time attending for the entire weekend. And I was literally there before opening and until closing two days and just a few hours shy of the same thing on the third day. In other words I got to see a lot of the con so here is my list of highlights!

1. Getting to see Brian Kesinger again. He is always a delight to speak with! If you don’t know who he is you should! And you should support his amazing art! As with many artists at cons he is always more than happy to sign his work or books for you.

img_26562. The steampunk community in general! This community has always blown me away with their kindness, welcoming open arms, enthusiasm, and craftsmanship. Thank you to all the attendees for sporting their wears and their passion! I have been inspired for future projects by many of you. And I especially want to thank those who geeked out with me over costumes and crafting, or Star Wars…..I may have done that a little too much over this con.

img_26223. The regular vendors who have such amazing pieces. Each year, and in some cases for those who work the circuit each con. I love seeing the new designs and inspiration that you bring with you! Your talent and hard work are testament to the steampunk community and the creativity.

4. Ribbons. I wish more cons had this fun tradition. And was so glad to get to participate in this tradition this year. Some con goers, and many vendors, have ribbons. If you say or do something in particular you get a ribbon to add to your badge. I may have only had two but now that I know how his works I think I can get more this year. 🙂

img_26205. The Dalek that a con goer brings to many local cons. This always make me happy! I have several pictures with this amazing machine at other Seattle based conventions.

6. The trading room where steampunkers bring clothing and items they don’t need or want any more. Not only did I get to geek out I also got items for future costumes and steampunk!

7. The variety of events from panels and airship races and from a fashion show to costume contest. Though it would have been nice to have paper schedules like we were originally told there would be. Or an app that we can access on our phone.

8. Steamposium, thank you for trusting us to be adults with our fake weapons and not making us peace bond them!

img_2650This year the con didn’t go without its hiccups but ever con has something go wrong with it, which I won’t go into here since this is my list of highlights but did discuss in my Cosplayers Among Us article that you can read here.

If you went to Steamposium make sure to participate in the survey and give them your thoughts and ideas. One thing I value about this con is that they want to hear what the attendees have to say and want to improve it. I look forward to next years Steamposium!

PAX West 2016


Usually I try to come up with 10 highlights for a con but sadly I was just shy of that goal. I cheated to make 10 this time. If I were a gamer than I think there would be too many to choose from! PAX is more for the gamer than the pop culture geek but a pop culture geek can still have fun. Check out my list below!

  1. Volunteering with Take This was the only reason I got to go PAX. Take This is a nonprofit organization who educates and advocates to change the stigma of mental health in the gaming community and work environment. I appreciate PAX for teaming up with this great organization who sponsors the AFK room. A quiet and safe place for con goers to regroup if they get over stimulated by the con floor or just need a quiet space for their mental health needs. I loved hearing stories form people who have benefited from this room. Take This is so amazing, and so dedicated to its mission for mental health, that if a developed was alone at their booth a Take This volunteer watched the booth so that person could go eat or take a break.
  2. The Magic the Gathering activities at the Paramount Theater. Can I saw OMG! And thanks to my friend who dragged me there! This was the biggest highlight of PAX West for me. The street by the Paramount theater was converted into a bazaar with bright colored tents housing a variety of shops and activities. These activities included watching glass makers display their craft, henna painting for free, and food trucks. Just to name a few. This area was also open to the public, you didn’t need a pass to participate. Once you stepped into the theater you further stepped into a fantasy world. The entire theater was decorated to make you feel like you were in another world. Having been in this theater they must have spent days or have many staff to accomplish the metamorphosis. If I get to PAX 2017 I will be looking for Magic the Gatherings area again to see what they do! photo IMG_2569_zpscqeqlulf.jpg
  3. All the amazing statues that come out every year to PAX. This is always a highlight to me. If you count all the statues individually I can hit my 10 highlights. But my favorite was the Weta Booth’s Orc! The details were amazing! My picture came out very blurry but it adds to the running for my life feel I was going for!  photo IMG_2532_zpsu8sra6x6.jpg
     photo IMG_2543_zpsngjjwd0n.jpg
     photo IMG_2579_zpsxqpd6sbd.jpg
  4. Thank you PAX for having gender neutral bathrooms!
  5. Exploding Kittens had buttons! I love Exploding Kittens! Some one was walking around with a giant card. I wish I got a picture of them.
  6. Getting to drive a Mario Cart. Or is it Luigi cart in this instance? **scratches head** (This was not part of PAX but with one of the cosplayers). Sadly my phone decided to be mean and didn’t fully record the great interview I got with the maker and his friend. Thank you for being so amazing and fun! As a side note this cart even had a phone charger incorporated into it! IMG_20160904_145436
  7. I got to hug a T-Rex! I love those costuems soooooo  much!
  8. PAX West 2016 Lego USS Missouri Battleship by Brickmania. This thing was so large that a photo didn’t do it justice so here is a video for you to see it all.
  9. The Ad Councils Love has no labels booth for this great gif. I watched people all day make their own gifs while I volunteered across the room before I got to make my own!!! FYI I am trying to eat the ghost like Pac Man, though I should have probably used the cherry for that idea. I even made one of the volunteers laugh with it. Didn’t intend to but I will go with it! 8pcdx31014
  10. To spin off of this gem above, I have loved the Bioware booth each year where you can get a picture. Sadly, they did not have this feature this year. Bioware, please do this again! You were my favorite for the past two years because of your photo booth! PLEASE PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!!! So here are the products of previous PAX! See why this needs to come back! EPIC, right?!

Check out my official review of PAX for Cosplayers Among Us Magazine! And all these fun pictures!
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 photo IMG_2566_zpsgcasowgn.jpg

 photo IMG_2570_zpsf75xbyl7.jpg
 photo IMG_2550_zpsslok8tjc.jpg
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