Raven (Teen Titans Cartoon)

 photo _MG_9054-Edit_zpshuzsvpf4.jpg

Raven was one of my favorite characters in high school. Do not get me started on Teen Titans Go! The characters and story of the originally series was sooo amazing it makes me sad that the characters have been changed so drastically to their current atrocity that they are. At the same time, the creators can poke fun of themselves so I did slightly forgive them for this video. But only because of this video.

Now, back my thoughts on this costume. I ordered the leggings and leotard because somethings are cheaper to buy than make! It took a lot of searching to find a long sleeved turtle neck leotard so I hope I never have to replace this costume! If you are currently looking I hope that the cosplay world has changed enough that it will be easier for you! The shoes were very difficult to find! Maybe I am too picky because that seems to be a common issue with each and every cannon costume I do! One reason I do love t photo _MG_9115-Edit_zpsgoe0aspi.jpghis costume is that the shoes are extremely comfortable!

The pattern for the cloak was not hard to modify. Sewing the point was frustrating, not going to lie, but I think I have gained enough skill that if I made this hood now it would be much easier.

Raven was one of my first attempts at accessories. Branching away from fabrics. I made the gems out of a foam clay covered in mod podge and glitter. TONS of glitter!!! I will never use this material again for costuming! This costume is high maintenance to store. The mod podge sticks to everything, usually ripping the box when I try to wear it, so I have to store it wrapped in fabric. Or if something is left on top of the gems it leaves an impression that you cannot get out. Since then I have learned to work with Resin and have commissioned several Raven belts and gems with this method. I just need to get around to making my own. One of these days. Sadly, I don’t wear this costume as much as I use to so I may not ever up grade my belt. n fact, I am  photo _MG_9094-Edit_zpskednxqr1.jpgcurrently debating about retiring this costume all together. However, every one gets mad when I bring the idea up. LOL

You can’t see it these pictures but I do have a gem for the forehead. I didn’t make this lovely addition though. Since I was just learning resin casting I commissioned this from the talented and sweet Lumi! Before having this accessory I used red dipstick liner to draw the shape on my forehead. If you are wondering about how to put something like this on your own body I use the same glue you would use for false eyelashes.

This is the only costume I have entered into a costume contest. I learned that comic book characters are not good matches for events like this. I had a few other friends learn this the hard way too. So that is a heads up! Stick to video game, anime, and movie costumes. Comic book costumes tend to by too simple.I had a ton of fun though and am still friends with many of the talent cosplayers I competed against.

Funny thing about Raven s I love to photobomb in this costume. It is completely against Raven’s personality but it is sooooooo much fun. I don’t do this in any other costumes oddly enough. Photobombing strangers anyways. I will always photobomb a friend.

Of course if you are interested in commissioning a Raven belt and gems of your own please e-mail me at adventureswithmala@gmail.com or message me on Facebook.  Please note, as I do not have a mold, and do not recast the work of someone else, the head gem is not included in commissions at this time.

All photo credits to Journeys in Color 

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 photo DSC_0080_zpsuiqgmorx.jpgBatgirl has been a strong female I have admired since childhood. So of course this is a costume that I had to eventually do! This was before I learned how to work with spandex so the suit was actually from Think Geek several years ago. I had a gift card for my birthday so why not use it. It originally came as a zenti suit meaning it had a hood and gloves. This had to be changed right away for several reasons. First, as a diabetic I have to be able to check my blood sugar at a moments notice. So I cut off the finger tips and modified gloved to have the fins on the sides s. Second the originally cowl doesn’t stay in place when you sit down. That had to go quickly and modifying the suit want that easy since the zipper went all the way up the cowl too. But I made it work!!!

 photo DSC_0178_zpsntv2yg9s.jpg


As with all body suits I wear I had to cut a hole in the suit for my insulin pumps tubing so that I could wear this at the same time. Here is a link to another blog about cosplaying s a diabetic. This is one reason I wear a corset with this costume. The other reason is my cape hangs from the shoulder straps of the corset. I am very pleased with this cape! I made the pattern myself and worked very hard to make it two sided. I love the look of black and yellow!  I had to make the base tape myself so it took forever to get this part of the costume done but the time and effort was worth it.

 photo DSC_0155_zps3ywsdgl5.jpg


The cowl is made by Texas Batman. He was amazing to work with! He ran into an issue and wasn’t able to get my cowl out as originally discussed but he communicated everything so perfectly that it didn’t matter to me. Sadly, I didn’t keep in contact with him so I am not sure if he still sells these or not.

If you are looking into a costume like this, meaning using a cowl and need a wig, I would recommend looking into a half wig. The wig under the cowl makes it extra tight and hard to get on and off. Because of this I do tend to get headaches quickly in this cowl, but this is something common with cowls from conversations with other cosplayers.

As much as I love this costume I don’t get to wear it too often. The cowl makes convention sounds echo a lot so I get a headache pretty quickly.

All photos by Keyaroscuro

Check out my other cosplays and costumes on my resume by clicking here. If you have already checked out my resume you may notice no new listings for 2017. This is because I have been joyfully creating art for my new business! Check it out on my Facebook, Intsagram, Redbubble, and StorEnvy sites!

Scarlet Witch (X-Men Comics and Cartoon)

 photo img_8822edit6_zpsblgj2rey.jpgScarlet Witch is a fairly simple costume. Most of it has been purchased and pieced together. I bought a body suit to wear at charity events because the corset really makes cleavage galore in this costumes. This is something I try to keep in mind with my costumes. Especially when I was heavily involved in CAUSEplay in Utah, a very conservative community. I also bought pink leggings to use this costume at cons.

SIDE NOTE: Personally I don’t care if you want to wear a costume that emphasis your form or is revealing. Just keep in mind where you are going and ask yourself if it is appropriate. This goes for scary or bloody costumes too.

I bought booty shorts for this costume for several reasons. One, it is more flattering for my form. I see nothing wrong with modifying a characters design to flatter your own body more. And two, as mentioned in a previous blog this holds up my insulin pumps weight better than swimsuit still bottoms I have tried in the past.

 photo img_8729edit_zpspfeekle0.jpgI wish I made the headpiece but I have to give credit to Mandy’s Masks. I found her on etsy.com but she doesn’t seem to have her shop anymore since I can’t find a link. I also purchased my Ms Marvel mask from her. Now as a cosplayer I have the confidence to make these types of things myself but when I started I was intimidated.

I did make the cloak myself. I used a pattern for the long part of the cloak and modified the top. Basically I folded a rectangular piece of fabric in half so that as it draped the same side of the fabric showed. Then made it into a circle large enough to go over my head and drape the way I wanted. If you do this method I recommend starting out with a longer piece of fabric and trim as you size it to your specifications. Remember, you can always remove you can never add. 😉

I love the boots I chose for this costume! As usual I spent a long time looking for the right pair of boots. These are really comfortable too. Since this was for charity I went with flat shoes for safety and comfort.

 photo img_8812ball_zpsethph2ku.jpgA good memory of this costumes? Oh, there are a few. But my all time favorite cosplay moment was in this costume. As mentioned above I have an insulin pump. In this costume I wear it attached to the back of my shorts so it isn’t noticeable in pictures. The cape does nice in hiding it. This happened at a charity event which made it even better. She noticed my pump and got so excited that someone else had one too! We had a very nice conversation about super heroes and being diabetic. I hope she remembers that moment for a long time and remembers that she isn’t alone in her situation. The other thing I hope she grows up knowing is that being diabetic and having an insulin pump shouldn’t keep you from dreams and passions. I use to let is hold me back and it took years to gain the confidence to use this advice myself.

I have really enjoyed this costume and have gotten a lot of use out of it!

All photo credits to Snap it Photography 

Check out my other cosplays and costumes on my resume by clicking here. If you have already checked out my resume you may notice no new listings for 2017. This is because I have been joyfully creating art for my new business! Check it out on my Facebook, Intsagram, Redbubble, and StorEnvy sites!

C3PO tutu: These are the droids you are looking for. Part 2

After doing R2Dtutu it’s only natural that I did C3PO too! However, I haven’t come up with a clever name for this costume. I am open to recommendation if you have any.

This costume wasn’t too hard to make. Just time consuming with the layers in the dress/tutu and the lining at the bottom. I will admit I cheated a little and folded the material in half since it worked with my concept which means I only had to pleat half of the layers in this thing! If you can do this with your own creation I recommend doing it. There are 8 layers of material in the skirt alone. For those of you who have pleated before you know first hand that just doing four layers of pleats takes a lot of time. I wanted something a little unique and I love bustles so I added this to the costume, why not bustles are great! This can be worn with or without the bustle too. And I hope to use the bustle in steampunk designs. I am all about re-purposing and multiple uses with my costumes!

I really thought about using gold tights but finally decided on the white for two reasons. First, I couldn’t find a gold color that worked well with the shades of gold already used in the costume. Everything was too mustard colored not gold. Second, after further thought and evaluation of my design it was too much gold with the gloves. And the gloves were a must. It feels incomplete without them. Besides it makes the slippers I found for this outfit stand out more.

I must say I got lucky with this pair of shoes! They were on clearance for $3 and they were the last ones in my size! Cosplay win right there! If you are a cosplayer you know that shoes and wigs tend to be one of the higher prices itemsfor any costume. And sometimes the most difficult! Eventually I would like to upgrade the shoes to actual pointe shoes like I use with R2Dtutu but these shoes are not cheap, you have to break them in before you can wear them, they are very uncomfortable for walking at a con, and the amount of paint needed to paint them is surprisingly a lot because it just absorbs the paint, at least that is what I experience with R2’s blue pointe shoes. Not sure if other paints or brands interact differently with the material.

I chose not to use a wig for the same reason as the tights. Too much gold. Even though a gold wig would be amazing to own.

With the open neck of the corset and planning on wearing my hair in a bun I felt that this needed a necklace to break up the amount of skin from my neck, shoulder, chest, and back. And C3PO also has details there that I felt were important to represent to increase the recognizability of the character. It took months to find the right necklace. I spent hours on various websites and looking through stores in my local area. I finally found this necklace on vacation of all places!

The most difficult part to make in this costume was the stomach piece. It took two attempts because the materials in my first attempt just didn’t look right. Total failure! I decided to make it out of foam on the second go around. It’s my first successful attempt at foam work. It could have been better, and I may remake it in the future, but for now it’s perfectly fine! I used two layers of foam and fabric fluff paint for some of the details. And of course several layers of plastidip to strengthen the foam and allow paint to adhere to it. I found some amazing gold and yellow elastic at JoAnns to make this into a belt concept. It perfectly ties in the yellow panels in the corset.

The black band around the middle is made of spandex material and cording to mimic the wires. This is a piece of the costume that will need to be redone eventually when I figure out a better war to do it. The band did not hold up well as I se

wed the cording in place and it over stretched in some spots. This means it does not stay up on its own as originally intended.

Oh, the corset, I think I spent more than six months looking for that thing! I wasn’t sure about the yellow at first but with the whole thing together I am glad I went with it. Again, it breaks up the gold a little. My reoccurring them for this costume is it was too much of one color with my original concept, have you noticed?

My only issue with this costume is that I feel so pretty and awesome (***sings part of West Side Story to self**) that it’s difficult to invoke the C3PO
personality. He is so serious sometimes but I just want to play in it! Like R2, this is fine with his playful and amazing attitude but not so much for C3PO.

Now that this done and the newer Star Wars contented had introduced us to BB-8 and Chopper I plan on making tutus for these characters as well! Plus Rebels is introducing more droids! The bane of being a cosplayer, too many costumes and not enough time, money, or places to wear them all.

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Steampunk Snow White

 photo 040_zpsphkem1dx.jpgWhen was this costume first done? This costume was originally made in 2013 for Steamfest.  My all time favorite convention!  I also wore it to Steamfest 2014 when I did a panel on Steampunking existing characters.  This was a lot of fun and I appreciate the opportunity to do this!  The second year was a lot of fun seeing other people doing Steampunk versions of their favorite characters.

 photo 088_zpsli1rctga.jpg

Why did I do this costume?  I had been saying for a while that I would never be a Disney Princess.  Then, I got thinking that no one would expected it!  And no one did!  This was one of the most well received costumes I have ever done.  Too my surprise I had way too much fun embodying Snow White!

My best friend and costume wife, Anna Belle, was Steampunk Belle.  I don’t recall if she got Aspen’s Cosplay to do Steampunk Jasmine or if it just happened that way.  Either way, it was amazing!

 photo 1006287_10151565704067921_100351026_n-1_zpseharamb1.jpg
Photographer unknown. Taken on one of our phones.

I r photo 11041222_10206985507346498_7533576912203197326_n_zpsyw7i9iqc.jpgecently had the honor of this costume being featured in UGeek magazine advertising for Steamfest 2015!   It was a privilege to be involved in this publication!  This photo was taken by the talent Chopine Photography.

This image was also used in an interview with the photographer Chopine Photography! Click here for his tips on posing and so much more!

Other photo credit: Plainswalker Photography
Crossbow by
I.S. Deign
Corset, cape, and yellow shirt made by
Damsel in this Dress photo 019_zpsiygt9puq.jpg
 photo 005_zpshckzdgbn.jpg
 photo 061_zpsnd7vnkjs.jpg
 photo 067_zpsmvlmceht.jpg

Check out my other cosplays and costumes on my resume by clicking here. If you have already checked out my resume you may notice no new listings for 2017. This is because I have been joyfully creating art for my new business! Check it out on my Facebook, Intsagram, Redbubble, and StorEnvy sites!

Custom Twi’lek Mandalorian Bounty Hunter

I wish I could say I made this amazing costume! All I did was pick out the colors and make the headband. This was made by my husband The Foxx. Lekku made by Pam’s Creation.

The coolest part of this costume is that the bucket/helmet is removable so I can wear the lekku under the bucket.

Thanks to him this another dream come true!

Here is a fun video made with Snap It Photography, Pixie Dash, Firewing Creations, and and some of Oregon’s 501st!!

 photo 10405285_10152716125059483_8294922599670167288_n_zps2usha4cs.jpg

 photo 10311052_10202352215196606_3206259139515295629_n_zpsgse3wijo.jpg

 photo 10151903_10201424265718449_1753261250_n_zpsqtoz1lw7.jpg

 photo 10615645_592896357498902_1174108044540904869_n_zps02x7a3xa.jpg

Photo by Snap It! Photography

 photo 10438565_592896287498909_8635276137369072267_n_zpsfgxvc9hn.jpg

Photo by Snap It Photography

Check out my other cosplays and costumes on my resume by clicking here. If you have already checked out my resume you may notice no new listings for 2017. This is because I have been joyfully creating art for my new business! Check it out on my Facebook, Intsagram, Redbubble, and StorEnvy sites!