The Hero Behind the Mask: Pastel-Colored Cosplay

I started this blog hoping to inspire people to give back to their communities. The point is to show that anyone can CAUSEplay! My hope has been to show you that you can start at any time, there are many different ways to give back, many causes that need your help, and the different reasons people get into CAUSEplay. This weeks feature is particular exciting to me because its this cosplayers first time using costuming as a way to give back to her community! Though she has helped with other charitable projects in the past this was a new undertaking for her incorporating her love of cosplay! And she plans on making more events in the future! I believe she will go far with her endeavors!  My friends who attended her event had nothing but glowing remarks.  I look forward to following Pastel-Colored Cosplay as her adventure continues! .  – Mala

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Photographer: Shannon Deonier

Name: Pastel-Colored Cosplay

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

What was your first costume/cosplay?
My first real cosplay costumes were Orihime Inoue from Bleach and Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto. I’d tried to imitate other characters before that, but never put in a real effort until I actually went to a convention for the first time.

How long have you been cosplaying?
Since October of 2006, so roughly eight years or so.

What got you into CAUSEplaying?
I’m fairly new to the CAUSEplay scene, having just hosted my very first event.  But back when I used to work in retail, our store hosted a variety of different charity options during the holidays. It was such a great feeling to see the Toys for Tots box get filled each day and to help customers find items for wish lists on the Angel Tree.  Growing up, Christmas was always such a magical time for me and my family. I wanted to share that feeling with others.

What was your first CAUSEplay event?
That would be our recent holiday party event! It was held on December 13th at Kafeneio in Salt Lake City. The entry fee was to bring one new and unopened toy donation for Toys for Tots and we managed to collect 43 toys and fill an entire bin!

What is Cosplay for a Cause all about?
Cosplay for a Cause is really new. This was our first event, but we wanted to make it about helping others. There are a lot of cosplay events going on in our community, and cosplayers in general often get a bad reputation so we wanted to show others that cosplayers care and we really just wanted to help kids have a great Christmas.

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Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

What inspired you to create this?
I grew up in a large Greek family and Christmas was always a really magical time for us. I wanted to spread that feeling as much as I could.

What is causes has Cosplay for a Cause supported? Or what do you see Cosplay for a Cause supporting in the future?
Our first event was to collect donations for Toys for Tots during the holidays.  As for the future, I would love to have events to help support the Humane Society of Utah and the Utah Food Bank.

How hard was it to arrange this?
Had I been doing it on my own, it would have been VERY difficult. It’s thanks to my friends in the cosplay community that it turned out pretty simple.

From pitching in for the venue rental to bringing refreshments, games, decor and entertainment, my friends were happy to help and I’m so grateful to them for that.

If someone wanted to create something like this in their area what would you recommend?
Voice your ideas! Share them with friends and plan together, contact the charities you wish to support. One person’s inspiration can go a long way, but nothing will happen if you remain silent.

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Photographer: Shannon Deonier

Who inspires you?
My cousin, Brittni Vega.

If you’ve been on Instagram or just love dogs in general, you’ve probably seen Harlow, Sage and Indiana. My cousin is their owner, photographer and now the author of their new book!

She has been a big supporter of the Humane Society of Utah, featuring adoptions and even participating in their holiday telethon on Fox 13.

Seeing the things she has done has really been a driving force for me.

Advice for CAUSEplaying: With a hobby like cosplay, it’s very easy to feel excluded, left out or unimportant. But anybody can be charitable and pay it forward to those in need.

What CAUSEplay events do you have coming up?
Plans are underway for our Humane Society event, which we are hoping to hold in the spring time. Nothing is official yet, but we do have an event page that you can follow for the time being!

Do you prefer to be called a cosplayer or costumer?
Probably a cosplayer? Most of my costumes are from franchises I enjoy as a hobby. I guess I would consider a costumer to be someone who either makes creations of their own design or someone who does it professionally.

What is your day job (a.k.a. how I pay for my expensive hobby)?
I currently work on event staff for a local reception center. I’ve also been taking commissions on the side for small projects.

If you could have any job what would it be and why?
I would love to have any kind of job where I can work creatively. I have a wide variety of things I enjoy, from videography to costuming to writing, so pinpointing just one in specific isn’t easy. I am aiming to go to school for fashion design this year, so we’ll see where that road takes me!

Tell us something random about yourself: I’m the writer of a webcomic, alongside my friend Stacie Pitt (who is currently an intern under Todd Lockwood) as the artist.

Our comic is called Trinity Crest and you can read it by clicking the link below:

Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars!

Favorite Anime: It’s hard to pick just one! Probably Card Captor Sakura, if I had to choose.

Marvel or DC: I like both, but a lot of my favorite characters come from DC.

Favorite Comic Series: I don’t know if webcomics count, but some of my favorites are Myth by Zelda C. Wang and Monster Pop! by Maya Kern.

Favorite Comic Character: Poison Ivy.

Favorite Book: Anything by Neil Gaiman.

Favorite Video Game: Okami.

Favorite Convention: Anime Los Angeles. If you want to see a convention that goes through great lengths to be well-run, well-staffed and cares deeply about attendee feedback, definitely check it out!

Affiliations (clubs or groups): I’m a part of Right in the Doki’s, which is both a cosplay team and YouTube channel focused on many different aspects in cosplay.

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Photographer: Emily Evans




Additional Info:  Check out this other interview done with Pastel Colored Cosplay last year!


Let me know how you are getting involved! I want to hear your stories!! And adventures!! Or tell me about a CAUSEplayer or a group you think are making a difference! Email with your stories!

Heroes Behind the Masks: C4AC (Cos 4 A Cause)

The creator of this group was inspired by someone who positively influenced the cosplay community during his life, someone who inspired me and many others to be better. I love hearing that other people were influenced by the same person or thing.  Though this group is young they are making a difference in their community and I have enjoyed watching them grow.  I hope you are inspires by them as I have been!  –Mala
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Group Name: C4AC (Cos 4 A Cause)

Location: San Antonio, TX (USA)

When was the group started? And by who? It started back in June 29, 2014 and was created by myself (Jennlee Cosplay).

What inspired you to create C4AC or CAUSEplay in general?
I created this organization to bring good people together to help those in need (young, old, human, animal). As a part of this inspiration, a fellow member and good friend of mine, Jonathan Vela aka, taught me without realizing how much good a person can do. Rather it may be a simple hug, smile or someone dressed up in cosplay. Jonathan passed away this past August and we continue to keep doing the good he taught us. It’s rare where I’m from to see small organizations such as this do what they do for the right reasons. Some do it for ego, attention or even money. This organization, C4AC, we do good and don’t ask for any thank yous, money, or even boosting our ego. We love what we do, because it’s an ideal of what we should do onto others. Always put others first. Help one another. That’s what we’re all about. We come from all backgrounds, race, gender, etc and we love each other as family and we bring this love upon others we encounter.

Do you have a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization status or other designation? If not, do you consider yourself a charity group or just a group of friend who do good? And are you looking into getting a 501(c)3 status?
We’re in the middle of getting all of this situated, and hopefully one day become worldwide for other branches to help.

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 photo 10807881_10152544210683667_1118595275_n_zps21d967f8.jpg

How can someone join C4AC?
As of right now it is only local to San Antonio, TX(USA). Some day we hope to branch out to include all those interested. If those who are interested in joining are from the San Antonio or surrounding areas, then they can either contact Jennlee at or private message our fb page at

What type of costumes do you accept and what do you look for in a costume? Do you have a costume approval process?
We accept any types as long as they’re family friendly. We have all sorts and all ranges of craftsmanship. There isn’t really an approval process. We just ask the costume choice is family friendly.

Do you accept crossplay costumes? Gender bent costumes? Customized characters?
We accept all costumes as long as it’s family friendly. We are strong believers with cosplay being for everyone. Spread love not hate. Majority of us have been bullied and some of us are still being bullied on till this day, but not a single one of us lets it bother us. We have fun with what we do. We take pride in our organization. And we’re drama free. We look forward to events, because of our member’s passion, drive and heart.

 photo 10531029_10152544213348667_868802447_n_zpsf6ab0c75.jpg

Do you have people willing to help with the costume making process or a resource guide to help with the process?
Within our group we help one another. Everyone within our group have talents of many kinds. Some are video making to sewing to photography to educating. We all work together and it shows.

How many people are currently in your group?
Currently we have 30 members. Most are cosplayers, a few educators/handlers, and several photographers. We all cross train when needed for certain events.

Are you interested in staying small or taking over the world?
We’re still new and would like to grow eventually to help out our world one day at a time.

 photo 10807986_10152544212118667_1679227823_n_zps2d55dcdc.jpg

How is the leadership determined?
We have our officers based on availability and skills in field.

What have you done for charities (types of events)?
We have done events such as encouraging kids to read (Comicfest), Be Their Hero (encourage adoptions with San Antonio Humane Society), Comics for a Cause event for the San Antonio Boys and Girls Club (working with the San Antonio Food Bank and Alien Worlds to bring donations of food and funds for families in need) to even little events such as judging a Halloween costume contest.

Do you create your own event or make appearance when requested?
We do both. Mostly when requested, but soon we’re going to have our own events as well.

 photo 10752125_10152544212058667_1286332876_n_zps41f227b8.jpg

Do you appear at cons too?
We haven’t as a vendor, but most of us go to some of the local cons to have fun and help get the word out there about our team.

How did you build you “clientele”?
Our first event was at Barnes and Noble for “Super Art Blast.” We were invited at the last minute by an artist I ran into at a previous event. Once we helped out at this event (B&N) there were many who became interested in what we do. This took off from there. Mostly word of mouth and hopefully soon there will be testimonials on our page.

Do you have particular organization(s) or cause(s) you work with regularity?
We work with San Antonio Humane Society, San Antonio Food Bank, Alien Worlds and Heroes and Fantasies when they have events for us. We also started to take off with birthday parties and soon events at schools and hospitals.

 photo 974719_10152544213363667_1345588571_n_zpsa976dbff.jpg

What is the most amazing thing C4AC has accomplished so far?
The most amazing thing accomplished is how much passion everyone continues to bring within themselves naturally each day. It only gets stronger and others notice it, feed off of it and become passionate in their lives as well. This is one of the many things we enjoy what we do.

Where do you see C4AC going in the future?
By the end of the year I see C4AC going to more school functions and starting hospital visits. Next year, I see our team going to speak at universities, social networking, hospitals and much more. In 5 years, I see us with at least 5 other branches. In 10 years, I see our team reaching out worldwide.

 photo 10751644_10152544209213667_1358312645_n_zps49ba8f97.jpg

 photo 10751947_10152544209218667_283193514_n_zpseb1ae69a.jpg

Do you use any fun terminology specifically for C4AC?
We call ourselves Team Awesome. Without this amazing group of volunteers (cosplayers, photographers, handlers) none of this would be possible.

Do you have advice for someone interested in creating a CAUSEplay group or getting into CAUSEplay?
Never let anyone tell you that it can’t be done. If you’re creating one for the right reasons (to help out the community and not your ego) then go for it. Don’t ever give up. There are many people out there wanting to participate in an organization, but have no idea where to find one. If you’re one of those people and can’t find one, then create one.

What future events do you have?
Our next event this month is in Hondo, Texas at the holiday parade 11/15/14 (we’ll be joining San Antonio Star Wars Society. Then we have a few school events scheduled as well as another big event at Helotes, TX for Winterfest 12/06/14.


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Let me know how you are getting involved! I want to hear your stories!! And adventures!! Or tell me about a CAUSEplayer or a group you think are making a difference! Email with your stories! If sending info on an individual person please let them know you have done so, to reduce the creep factor of a stranger contacting them for a potential interview.