Kurios- Cabnet of Curiosities by Cirque du Soleil

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Me and the hubby all decked out for Kurios!

Live Performance. Steampunk.

Those of you who only follow this blog, you may not know that I LOVE Steampunk!  Many who follow me on Facebook may not know it either. BUT I LOVE STEAMPUNK! In addition to that I love Cirque du Soleil.  I recently had the opportunity, thanks to some amazing friends, to see their most recent traveling show.  BTW, these friends are so amazing that they even dressed in Steampunk to see the show with me.  Check out the picture at the bottom of this blog!  I mean, how often do you get to see a Steampunk themed show!  So why not dress the part!  I loved that we were not the only ones who did this.  But I will say we were the best dressed!  In fact, other patrons thought we were part of the show and wanted their pictures with us!  That is a compliment in my opinion!

When this show performed in Seattle it was literal under the big top! You can see it in the picture of me and my husband.   This defiantly added to the mesmerizing aspects of the show.  I have seen several Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas and traveling shows through Utah, where you do not get this opportunity.  If you are in the Seattle area take advantage of this awesome feature!

The show opens up with a laboratory of old fashion experiments, really bringing the essence of Steampunk to the audience!  This is the first show I have been to that the action and entertainment were already going as you found your seats.  There are so many details you can see this show several times and still find new things!  This can be said throughout the whole show as well!  As the show continues you see a Steampunk inspired train. mechanical hand, electric eels, and so much more!

The costume photo chaossynchro_han8927_zpsbkpeaudc.jpgs were amazing! As always Cirque du Soleil designers out did themselves. The detail and Steampunk influences are nicely done and do not distract from the performances.  The staff really did their research on elements of the culture. One of my favorite costume pieces was the pavillon, a.k.a. horn, atop the main singers head.  You can see the hat here in this behind the scenes video.  I felt truly inspired for future Steampunk costumes myself.  If you see this show I hope you feel the same!

The performances really pushed the human limits and the imagination!  As the synopsis of the show said it was meant to do.  You see everything from an invisible circus to a trampoline act, a trick yo-yo performance to aerial straps, and from contortionists to balancing acts.  I can’t think of a Cirque show that pushed the limits like this one did!  And I have seen a lot of their shows!  If you want a full list of the performance click here.  To be honest I couldn’t pick one act as my favorite in this show.  The performers were on their best game that night!

The music makes you want to get up an dance too!  You can ask my husband I tried to get him to jive a little before the show.  I have been listening to the music in my car nonstop since I got the soundtrack.  Which is available at the show or on iTunes.

For a glimpse of the Steampunk performing awesome in the Cirqu du Soleil official trailer of Kurios click here.

For the Official Website click here.  See if they are coming to a city near you so you can see this breath taking show as well!

Added 4/2015.    BTW, the soundtrack is currently available on Spotify for free.  😉

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