Hero Behind the Mask Interviews

Please note that, I no longer do written reviews here or cosplay related stuff here. If you want to check out my latest stuff I have moved to YouTube under my art name Morbid Heart Designs

Anyone can be a hero! I hope that the examples and stories in these interviews inspire you to find the hero that you can be!

Joe Mignano**Newest interview 8/2016**

T-Rex Tuesday
Erika Earl
Justice Corps of Iowa
Tau’ri Alliance (Stargate)
Heroes and Villains of Tomorrow
Cosplay Medic
Batman of Winnipeg
Justice League of Arizona
Heroes With A Heart
Michael Surber aka Expo Wolverine
Eric Hall
Meridian Vu
Heroes Alliance
We Are Cosplay
East Coast Avengers
DC Doll
Mary Jo Chrabasz
Cosplay Heroes QLD
Cosplay Collective
Scott Loxley
Umbrella Corp Utah
Nashville’s Dark Knight
Costumers With A Cause
Rafael ” Captain” Pedragon
Anna Belle
Shaun O.
Heroes n More
Abi Sue Cosplay
Angry Mushroom Pixi Cosplay of The Free Cosplay Project
Superhero Smiles Initiative
Portland Superheroes Coalition
Pastel-Colored Cosplay
Missa Zane
C4AC (Cos 4 A Cause)
Adam AKA Splat
Neff AKA Ori Cabur
ERT Ghostbusters
Jon Robinson AKA Ronan Angelos
Harley’s Vintage Kisses

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