Mala’s Cosplay Resume

Here is a list of all the costumes and panels I have done! As I locate pictures I will add links to them. Still trying to decide if I want to write something up about these costumes, why I like the character, or just pictures. 😀

If you want to see pictures before this page is complete please check out my Facebook page. You can also see pictures in my Photo Shoot suggestion blog!

Other fun cosplay things
Writer for Cosplayers Among Us Magazine (2015-current)
This blog has reached 100 blogs!

Panels Mala has been on
Seattle, WA PAX West 2017 Hemming and Health: Cosplay and self care in afilliation with Take This
Seattle, WA Jet City Comic Con 2016 Warbla, Fabric, and Leather Oh, my!
Seattle, WA Steamposium 2015 Steampunking Existing Characters
Seattle, WA GeekGirlCon 2014 CAUSEplay
Salt Lake City, UT Salt City Steamfest 2014 Steampunking Existing Characters
Salt Lake City, UT Fan X 2014 Mandoalrian Armor and CAUSEplay

I can play well with others!   (AKA Groups and Affiliations) 
Outer Rim Brigade Brigade Personnel Officer  (2106- Current)
Northwest Mutant Academy (2014- 2016)
Oceanhawks of WA (Mandalorian Mercs, WA) (2014)
Krayt Clan of Utah (Mandalorian Mercs, UT) (2014)
Heroic (UT)  2012-2014

2016 Costumes
Faun with foam armor Check out my progress posted in my Facebook album of this build!
Steampunk Wonder Woman  Facebook album 
Custom Steampunk Outfit 2
Custom Steampunk Outfit 1
Gender Swapped Napoleon Dynamite

2015 Costumes
Maleficent Closet Cosplay for Halloween
C3PO tutu 
Batgirl Vintage Dress
Extreme Anime Radio’s Mascot Sarah. Radio Station’s FB. Listen to XAR here.   Sarah’s FB

2014 Costumes
Wonder Woman
Steampunk Fairy
Super Grover
1st Diesel Punk outfit
Steampunk Snow White Upgraded
Custom Twi’lek Mandalorian Bounty Hunter (Star Wars)
Psylocke (X-men)  **RETIRED**
Formal Lady Deadpool

2013 Costumes
Custom Super Girl **RETIRED**
Victoria by Brian Kesinger
Catwoman (Guardians of Gotham 1st attempt, one day I might achieve the full idea of this one)
Deadpool tutu
Custom Evil Sorceress Barbarian
Steampunk Snow White
Scarlet Witch (X-Men)
Raven (Teen Titans)
Ms Marvel   **RETIRED**
R2Dtutu (Star Wars) with umbrella!

2012 Costumes
Custom Twi’lek Sith (Star Wars) I even won a Halloween costume contest with this one!
Mystique (90’s X-men cartoon)
Batgirl Swim Suit **Retired**
Custom Twi’lek (Star Wars)

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