Updates as of 9/5/17! 

So Photobucket may have killed this blog! I know like 95% of the photos on here don’t work now. Sadly, I haven’t had time to fix over 100 blogs and am making choices about the direction to go from here with my busy life.

I am finally done traveling for the year which means just a little bit more time to catch up on lots of things! Like making costumes and art! Preparing for panels for this year’s con season. I may get up to 5 panels this year! In addition to my art company, panel prep, and my day job, I run a Star Wars costume club called Outer Rim Brigad! As you can tell I am a busy bee. This mean I will not be doing my 31 days of horror movie reviews. 

For this if you who don’t follow me on social media I have finally joined the tweeter world! But this is as my art company @morbidheartart of you want to follow me there. I am also on instagram @adventureswithmala_morbidheart, Facebook, or what for sale can be found on my Storenvy

Upcoming events in Mala’s World!
Geek Girl Con (Seattle, WA) 2017
Steamposium(Seattle, WA) 2017
Jet City Comic Con (Seattle, WA) 2017


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