Updates as of 11/4/16! 

31 Days of Horror was a success! Check out the complete list here!

I will also be reviewing American Horror Story on a weekly basis.

Highlights of my latest cosplay adventures have been posted (linked below)! Make sure to check out Cosplayers Among Us website for my official review of the events!

I also added more to my cosplay resume! Check out my write up about Scarlet Witch and Batgirl.

Upcoming events in Mala’s World!
Jet City Comic Con (Seattle, WA) 11/2016

Past 2016 Cons and Events. Click the links for my highlights.
Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA) 2016 
Cosplay Night (Salt Lake City, UT) 4/2016
Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire 8/2016
PAX West 9/2016
Steamposium (Seattle, WA) 9/ 2016
Geek Girl Con (Seattle, WA) 10/2016

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